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Cristy 02-11-2006 11:04 AM

Acrylic Yarn...
I walked through Walmart and Michaels yesterday, feeling of all the yarn. I wanted something soft for a baby blanket and the selection isn't big around here.
The one I settled on was Caron Simply Soft which feels lovely to me but I noticed that it's an acrylic yarn and I feel like acrylic yarn gets a bad wrap...I got to wondering, how many people use acrylic regularly? I love a great ball of yarn, but I can't always afford the expensive stuff.

schrodinger 02-11-2006 12:02 PM

For a while I only associated with squeeky knitting (it's what I used to learn to knit on bamboo and metal needles - boy it was noisy work). I really started to hate acrylic, but recently I have found some lovely yarns that are acrylic, softer than natural fibers and more practical for the receivers. My brother, for example, would NEVER hand wash an item on purpose. Most new parents do not need to worry about special wash instructions for the beautiful blanket you made for baby. Having said this, I did knit a hat for a friend recently, bough the yarn (an expensive 'Italian' acrylic) that actually had instructions for it to be hand washed only!!!

feministmama 02-11-2006 12:28 PM

I use simply soft for all my baby blankets and kids stuff. Acrylic is washable and that is the number one reason for me to use it. Kids are messy, their clothes rip easily and they tend to lose things. So good ole cheap acrylic is just thing for kids in my book. Simply soft is good. And they have bright colors too. Microspun feels good in the store but a painin the boo-tay to work with. I've also heard it makes you sweat. :shock: I stay away from the Red Heart varieties that feel like aspestos. THey do make some baby yarns that maight be good. Plymouth Encore is pretty soft and comes in a TON of colors. So yeah don't write it off outright. Use Knit Picks for cheaper wools for adults and yourself and cheaper acrylics for kids. That's my .02 :thumbsup:

Ingrid 02-11-2006 12:37 PM

I don't generally use 100% acrylic anymore, but I do use Encore for any kids' clothing or anything that I want to be machine washable. Acrylic has its place, for sure, but there are so many other great yarns out there that I want to use.

KristiMetz 02-11-2006 01:37 PM

I think acrylic and cotton are very practical fibers because you can generally machine wash and dry them.

Unless it was something extra special (like a shawl), I would prefer not to give stuff to people that requires special washing.

For me, I don't mind soft acrylic, although the scratchy stuff is easier to knit with. ;)

If money was no object, and caring for items was no object, of course I would choose natural fibers. But, for something cheap and easy to care for, acrylic can be a godsend.

Cristy 02-11-2006 02:17 PM

well cool...I'm glad to see I'm not going to be cast aside by the knitting world for knitting with acrylic...I'm really liking this simply soft and I agree about redheart--it is really really scratchy. It still has it's place though...

kitkat 02-11-2006 02:41 PM

The simply soft stuff is great - homespun and the red-heart version baby clouds, if you don't knit too tightly do very well too. I don't like the red-heart worsted, but I don't mind the wool=ease worsted at all.

I think you need to tailor what you are using toward your end user. I agree, a new parent does not want a hand wash blanket. How many of us have seen those acryic knitted or crochet blankets that our kids literally loved and used to rags? They don't consider them scratchy at all!

Vendie 02-11-2006 05:20 PM

I don't mind wool/acrylic blends, but generally stay away from acrylic. I'll use it when making blankets, b/c they need to be machine washed. But for clothing, scarves, etc., it's generally wool or another natural fiber for me.

punkhippiemom 02-11-2006 11:14 PM

I make almost all my stuff for kids out of either that or cotton. It is soft, affordable (with great yardage) and has a pretty sheen to it.
Having used Ingrid's washable yarn of choice (Plymouth Encore) I have to agree that I like it, it's really soft and feels great to work with, but I just can't afford the 5.75/ball (altho it is worth it!! :heart: )
If you have an AC Moore nearby, Red Heart started making a softer acrylic that is kind of a mix between Microspun and Simply Soft - but it's slightly more expensive with less yardage than Simply Soft.

Jenelle 02-11-2006 11:26 PM

I use acylic and cotton basically. I have no yarn stores that sell anything else other than these both.

I have alot of acrylics that are veeery soft, very good for garments and such.

And I don't feel like spending 7$ on a 50yrd hank of natural wool when I could get something else for more that less than half the price! :oops:

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