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Hildegard_von_Knittin 02-18-2006 12:56 AM

WIP: Tubey
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Okay here is the first sleeve! Yay! My colors are asparagrass, cinnamon (brown), moss (dk. green), and RHUBARB (pink--i *love it*) merino style.

The first pic looks like there's a jog in the brown/green... well there WAS one, but I fixed it with duplicate stitch and now it looks better.

Instead of knitting in the round, I turned it inide out and purled int he round, because (for me) purrlingis faster and I have to move my hands less. In the st st park, where it is flat, I can see more stitch inconsistancies, but once the round part started and I was always purling, that didn't happen anymore.

Stanley decided I should take pictures of him instead, so there's one of him posing on my sleeve and then one of him singing a lil kitty song about my tubey :-)

Danielle 02-18-2006 02:08 AM

Very pretty! I love the colors. :thumbsup: love Stanley, too! :heart:

Jan in CA 02-18-2006 03:01 AM

OMG! That last one of the cat is priceless! Is he just asking for attention? Oh and the sweater is pretty, too! :thumbsup:

KellyK 02-18-2006 03:16 AM

:heart: STANLEY!!! :heart:

Now, he singing, or just yawning? I've heard your cats sing on the phone, but Ididnt know they made FACES! :roflhard:

Your sleeve is SLEEVALICIOUS!! :cheering:

glomper 02-18-2006 04:04 AM

Nice tubey sleeve, is the pussycat singing or laughing? Gorgeous photo. :lol:

kayeknit 02-18-2006 07:25 AM

The sleeve looks wonderful! Honestly, that cat really does resemble an opera singer! :roflhard:

earthchick 02-18-2006 08:46 AM


(And I'm impressed that you purl faster than you knit. :shock: )

Pensguys 02-18-2006 09:51 AM

Very nice!

Stanley is PRECIOUS!!! LOVE the singing/laughing/yawning! LOL

nanonette 02-18-2006 10:03 AM

Love your colors!!! The pink is fabulous because it makes it so funky! And your kitty couldn't be cuter! :thumbsup:

Mer 02-18-2006 10:16 AM

Those colors look great!

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