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candicane 02-27-2006 06:06 PM

Shaping neck/shoulders
I am making "grace" from and need some help. This is the pattern:

Shape Neck and Shoulders:

Next row:
BO 7[7, 8, 9], p to end.

Next row:
BO 7[7, 8, 9], k 29[31, 32, 35], BO 19[19, 21, 21], k to end.
Place first 29[31, 32, 35] sts on a holder and cont working left side of back only.

*Next row: BO 6[7, 7, 8] sts, P to end.
Next row: BO 5 sts, K to end.*
Rep from * to * once more.*
BO rem. 7[7, 8, 9] sts, break yarn.
Return holder sts to working needle, join yarn and work as for left side, reversing shaping.

I am stuck as to what to do after putting the stitches back on the needle. Join yarn to what? There is no "tail" so what do I do. In reversing, do purl and then BO the last 6 stitches (starting from *)?


Ingrid 02-27-2006 06:37 PM

You'll have to start knitting with a new strand on the second shoulder. Just start knitting and you can weave in the end later. Not a big deal.

You can't bind off at the end of a row. When they say to reverse shaping, do the same number of bindoffs, but do them at the appropriate edge. Don't think if it as knit and purl, think of the shoulder as having a neck edge and an arm edge. So whatever you did on the knit side before, do on the purl side.

candicane 02-27-2006 07:13 PM


I just don't know what I'd do without you!

I think I almost understand. Joining yarn, no problem.

But still a little confused. On the previous side where I BO a 6 and purl NOW do I BO 6 and knit. Then BO 5 and purl?

Ingrid 02-27-2006 07:17 PM

Yes, that's exactly what you do!

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