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kitkat 02-28-2006 11:52 AM

Last night I was working merrily away on my Noro sweater sleeves.....I went to bed wondering why the heck would they have you do an increase at the end of every 6th row.....isnt that going to make a lopsided sleeeve? It just didnt make sense!

So this morning - I read the pattern and Yep, I was supposed to increase at the BEGINNING AND END of every 6th row. Luckily I only had done one such row...I probably could have left it and increased elsewhere.....but I was a good dooby and ripped back a few rows on each one.

I am getting GOOD at putting the stitches back on the needles without panicking though! I just make sure I have good light, a flat surface, and a crochet hook in case in sneaky guys get away from me!

Thats what you get for watching Family Guy while knitting!!!

Angelia 02-28-2006 12:07 PM

OMG, I feel your pain! I've done that and felt a right idiot. Glad I'm in good company! :heart: :heart:


kitkat 02-28-2006 12:10 PM

I am just glad I realized it one row of increases into it. I only had to rip out a few rows. Or even worse, can you imagine how lopsided and weird it would have looked???

What I did learn though - because I was using all sorts of different needles to pick up my knitting again......

Addi's are the best to knit with.
Boyes are the best to pick up ripped out rows with....
Denises - make sure your connectors are attached....that piece had been moved around alot and had become untwisted.....
Bamboo straights....don't leave them where the dog can get them (he did not get them, but he was eying them greedily).

Jenelle 02-28-2006 02:21 PM


Originally Posted by kitkat
Thats what you get for watching Family Guy while knitting!!!


I'm not the only one who watches Family Guy while I knit! :rofling: :roflhard:

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