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CateKnits 03-05-2006 01:30 PM

Vertical Slits?
I'd like to do something like this:
where the X's just represent knit stuff and the | | would be vertical slits. I'm going to try to explain, but I love diagrams, so I had to go for one!
I'm attempting to make a halter top. I want to make it backless, but not *really* backless. I'm knitting a front, and then I want to knit a two or three inch wide band that would go through the slits and tie across the back. Does this make sense? My question is, what's the best way to make the slits? I'm sure I could bind off and attach new yarn between them, but is there a "better" way?
Thanks. :D

Ingrid 03-05-2006 01:42 PM

I think your way is the only way. You can just start a new strand for the sections between the slits (you don't need to bind anything off) and then reconnect when the slit is as long as you want it. Kind of like a big buttonhole.

CateKnits 03-05-2006 03:55 PM

Thanks, Ingrid. Now I wonder if I'll even get that far! :roflhard:

Ingrid 03-05-2006 03:59 PM

However it works out, you'll have learned something from it. It's also not as if you're carving marble. Yarn is reuseable!

CateKnits 03-05-2006 04:00 PM

I know! That's what got me to start this thing, anyway. "Oh..well, if it doesn't work, I'll make a hat!" :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: That's why I love knitting. I can screw up as many times as I want and still start over!

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