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LeslieA 03-20-2006 12:24 PM

Diamond Pattern
Ok, I am going to make a dishcloth with a diamond pattern on it and on the pattern directions row one reads like this:

Row 1 K6, *P5, K8* K5, end K6

What do the asterisks mean? There are no notes on the pattern anywhere, I am assuming that it just is indicating maybe where the diamond pattern starts?

Each row has this in it. Also as I am looking at this I just want to make sure I understand. I am going to Knit 6 then purl 5 then knit 8 then knit 5 what about the end knit 6? Thanks again for all the help. I promise I will get it soon. :blush:

feministmama 03-20-2006 01:17 PM

Usually that means repeat whatever is in between the asterics. So in this pattern they wnt you to repeat P5 K8 to the end of the row and the last stiches wiil be K6.

LeslieA 03-20-2006 01:20 PM

Thank you so much. I thought maybe that's what it meant but usually it will say repeat between * So I was confused. Thanks for the help.

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