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jinkel 03-21-2006 11:51 PM

Need help with short rows!
This is my first pattern, and I'm trying to figure it out (not having much luck) :?? :

....end with RS row.

K 24, YF, sl1, turn. Slipped st is now wrapped.
Sl 1, P 25, YB, sl 1, turn. Slipped st is now wrapped.
Sl1, K 18, YF, sl 1, turn. Slipped st is now wrapped.
Sl 1, P 11, YB, sl 1, turn. Slipped st is now wrapped.
Sl 1, K to end. When you reach a wrapped stitch, knit the wrap and the stitch together.

Okay, a few questions:

1) I'm assuming "end with RS row" means that I've completed the Right Side row, and now it's time to begin working the Wrong side row?

2) When these above short rows come up, I've got 42 sts on my needle - this doesn't add up to me - - do I do this work at the beginning of a row?

3) When it says to "Sl 1" it doesn't mention "as if to K" or "as if to P" - so which should I do?

4) I'm assuming turning means as if to begin a new row - but how does that "wrap" the slipped stitch?

I'm soooo confused! Please - - help!!!!! :pray:

Ingrid 03-22-2006 12:06 AM

A short row is just that--you're only knitting part of the row.

When move your yarn forward and slip the stitch, and then turn your work, you'll need to put the yarn in the front to purl. This will automatically wrap your stitch. If you follow the directions exactly, it'll all become clear.

Here is video on short rows with wrap so you can see how they work.

Slip as if to purl

The only thing that concerns me about your pattern is the end with RS row part. Is your RS row a knit row? I only ask because usually in st st the knit is the right side. If your RS is a knit, then the directions are mistakenly having you knit the next row, as well. If you're working in reverse st st, this is right. If you're working in regular st st, then you should end with a purl row.

jinkel 03-22-2006 12:36 AM


Thanks for your reply. Yah, my RS row is the knit row. The WS is my purled row. That's yet another thing that threw me off. So my assumption about "end with..." means that I've just completed that row, correct? I mean, that's what would make sense to me. Well, for that part of the pattern, I've actually tried to contact the maker of the pattern for clarification. Hopefully I'll hear back from her!

Thanks again, :D
(I'm going to view the video right now!)

Ingrid 03-22-2006 08:43 AM

If you don't hear from the designer, just end with a purl row.

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