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merelizmom 08-15-2006 10:25 AM

can't interpret pattern
Can anyone explain this "knit bar" thing to me?

Row 1: P1, *yb (yarn back), sl 3 as to purl, yf (yarn front), P1, repeat from * to end.
Row 2: Knit.
Row 3: Purl
Row 4: K2, * Knit bar from row 1 and next st on left-hand needle together, K3, repeat from * to last 2 sts, end K2.

SandraEllen 08-15-2006 10:57 AM

funny. i did a quick internet search to try to help you and didn't find much. my internet surfing skills failed me today.
but i DID find the pattern you are using. :rofling:

suzeeq 08-15-2006 11:58 AM

I think I've got it.... The bar would be the yarn bar in front of the 3 stitches you slipped on Row 1. It will make a textured pattern.


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