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muddykins 10-21-2006 01:20 AM

total newbie over here!
I'm knitting my boyfriend a blanket for our 1 year anniversary, which is in December. I want it to be 6ft by 4ft, but i only made it 70 stitches wide so it's kind of narrow.

is there any possibly way i could finish the rectangle i have [which is 2ft wide], then knit another one and somehow attach/knit/sew the two together? would that look crap? i am really, really reluctant to undo the WHOLE THING and start again.

please help me!

Ingrid 10-21-2006 09:25 AM

You can do that--very often blankets are done that way to make it less bulky to have on the needles.

muddykins 10-21-2006 09:26 AM

how would i go about doing it? is there any guide to knitting two things together? =p i'm so afraid it'll look messy...

Ingrid 10-21-2006 09:30 AM

For two edges of an like that, the edge-to-edge seam is probably the best since it doesn't leave a thick seam on one side.

psammeadred 10-21-2006 09:43 AM

If you want some variation, you could even make the sections different colors. I saw one really pretty afghan that had dark blue on the sides fading to light blue in the middle.

Or, for a different approach to blanket construction, check out the book Mason-Dixon Knitting.

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