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bogart 10-28-2006 12:04 AM

Peruvian cotton and cotton mixes: uses?
I bought 100 grams each of 3 different colors peruvian cotton thinking I could make socks with it. My friend that taught me to knit said I shouldnt use it for socks because it will stretch. So, my question is, what the devil can I use this yarn, and some other cotton mix yarn I have, for besides washcloths? I made 28 washcloths for christmas last year and really would like to make something else. Any suggestions?

mshelton 10-28-2006 02:14 AM

I think you can use cotton for just about anything except socks altho some cotton blends for socks should be okay. But I'm no expert. Home decorations with cotton such as window treatments/valances, counterpanes, dollies, pillows, kichen towels, placemats, etc. are some options. Also depending the the weight, type of cotton, and amount, you can used for shawls, scarfs, sweaters,etc. You might want to preshink if necessary or allow enough to allow shinkage. I saw details on a web page with instructions for how much to add to allow for shinkage and also about shinking skeins before knitting, but sorry I can't remember where. I love cotton and being in Texas, I think I prefer using cotton for many items instead of wool. I started knitting a cotton scarf today.

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