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unc_annie 11-05-2006 10:18 PM

Patchwork animal blanket or animal squares pattern?
I'm looking for a pattern that's in my head, but I can't find it in a book anywhere. I want to make a patchwork baby blanket with some of the squares being safari animals -- elephants, giraffes, zebras, etc. The other squares can be solid or striped.

I'd love to find a complete pattern, but if I can even just find some patterns for equal-sized animal squares, I can make the solid/striped ones myself and put them all together. But there's no way I can make animal patterns.

Any suggestions for where to find a pattern like this would be greatly appreciated!


gardenmommy 11-05-2006 11:16 PM

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One thing you could do is make your own charts with pictures using this site

I think pictures from a coloring book would be good, scan them in, import into the program for charts.

Like below

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