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Kaydee 12-06-2006 12:32 PM

OT: Christmas gift suggestions???
I have two workers that Iíd like to give something to for the holidays. The problem is that Iím stumped on what to get them. :?? Iím not going to knit anything since Iím working on a couple of other gifts for family members. Iím fairly new to the job, so Iíve worked with them for about 3 months. They are both female coworkers, so does anyone have any suggestions of something (not too expensive) I could get?

I also want to give me roommates something as well. We were all strangers until we moved in together in Sept., so we are friendly but itís not like we are the best of friends since we have very different schedules and donít get to see each other all that much. No one has mentioned giving anything to each other, but Iíd like to give them something in the spirit of the season. Any ideas would be much appreciated!

nonny2t 12-06-2006 01:01 PM

Roommates: Bath stuff as in a set of towels or pedicure stuff things like that are always great as they can always be used.

Also, Gift cards are the way to go with people you barely know. Places like Bed Bath and Beyond, Pier One, places like that are great because they have such a variety of stuff and are more upscale than Walmart, Target, Penneys, etc. Restaurants gift certificates are always great too!

letah75 12-06-2006 01:58 PM

If they drink coffee you could get them a gift certificate for a local coffee shop.

One thing I do for co-workers is get a mug a celophane bag, alternate hot chocolate with marshmellows tie it with a pretty ribbon. Maybe include a chocolate diped spoon, and WaaLaa instant cute little gift for someone you don't know very well, and it doesn't cost alot. In fact you can get some nice mugs for $1 at Michael's.

HamburgKnitter 12-06-2006 02:17 PM

I would get my co-workers something nice for their desks. I have gotten funny things from co-workers in the past that I really got a kick out of, for example a tiny "computer guardian angel" for my computer - it's really just a glow-in-the-dark plastic angel that attaches to the top of the computer to "guard" it from crashing. It can also just be a nice mug or pencil holder or whatever if your co-workers are a bit conservative. If all else fails, bring them in a batch of homemade brownies or cookies packed up nicely in a basket.

Roommates: bath stuff is good - at least you can snoop around to see what kind of stuff they like. But if you're interested in getting to know them a bit better you could also give them a "gift certificate" for a meal together - whether home-cooked or you treating them at a restaurant.

Hildegard_von_Knittin 12-06-2006 02:43 PM


janelanespaintbrush 12-06-2006 02:54 PM

Am I the only one who likes snacks? I vote for food! Chocolate, cookies, fresh fruit, caramel popcorn, Hickory Farm gift boxes... I'm almost always happy to get edible goodies as gifts... well, maybe except for fruitcake. ;)

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