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MrsH 01-11-2007 12:00 AM

decreasing on 2x2 rib
Hello all

I am a new knitter and am currently making a soaker for my son.

The pattern I have is in stocking stitch but I would like to use rib as it will be thicker/more dense that way.. so am I correct in "assuming" that I can decrease by using SSK (and K2tog at the other end) then on the next row, k1, ssp, then the next k1, p1, ssk etc so that I have edging of 1x1 rib to decrease? and then increase back to 2x2?

(does that even make sense - apologies if not!)

thanks :)

(knitting newbie but loving it)

hunterjenn 01-11-2007 02:45 AM

I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around what you mean. What do the original decrease instructions for the stockinette say? I assume you're trying to keep the 2x2 pattern intact while you decrease...?

MrsH 01-11-2007 06:57 AM

Hi, sorry for the confusion!!

The original pattern calls for SSK and then K2together at opposite end of the knit rows, so decreasing 2 stitches every 2 rows..

And yes, I guess what I am wanting to do is to keep the rib in tact :??

I am wanting to shape it for the legs so decrease then increase (to an hour glass type shape) Perhaps I could cast off some stitches do do it? then cast on again? hmm.. MAybe I should stick with the original :rofl:

hunterjenn 01-11-2007 03:21 PM

You know, now that I think about it, I think I'd go ahead with the 2x2 rib, but basically use the original decrease instructions. Since you're decreasing (or increasing) evenly on each side, you'll still keep the look of the pattern. So on your first decrease, you'll do an SSK/K2tog combination, but when you do your second set of decreases, you'll do an SSP/P2tog combo. I think that's right, based on how I'm visualizing it. I am on Vicodin, though, so I hope I'm making sense!

hunterjenn 01-11-2007 03:23 PM

LOL--now that I re-read your original post, I think I'm just repeating what you already said! :teehee: Sounds like you have the right idea.

of troy 01-11-2007 04:22 PM

there are lots of ways to decrease in ribbing, but basicly they work out to

Keeping the ribbing intact, (as 2 X 2 or what ever pattern)
you select 3, 4 (some number) of ribs to 'eat up' the other ribs.
here is a hat done this way
--this is a good style to learn, since it is also used to decreases in ribbing on sleeves, or shaping (waist, etc) on sweaters knit entirely in ribbing)

and changing the ribbing pattern,
from 2 X 2 to 2 X 1, to 1X 1, to stocking knit, and done)

here is a hat done this way

there are variation on the decrease process in both styles, but most decrease patterns fall into one or the other (there are some special patterns that only work with 1 X 1 ribbing)

hunterjenn 01-11-2007 07:48 PM

Ooh! Do you have a pattern for the one that keeps the ribbing intact? I made a 1x1 hat for my husband last week, and ended up doing a double decrease. It looks pretty cool, but that photo is more like what I wanted to do.

MrsH 01-12-2007 09:59 PM

thanks everyone for your input :)

I opted with the decrease in the purl, which is working well :D although my mind is ticking and I think next time I'll try for ssk.. etc just to see what happens :P

of troy - that hat is aweseom - do you have a pattern?

many thanks to you experts for helpng out a newbie, it is great to see! :cheering:

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