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momwolf 01-16-2007 11:51 AM

chart reading?
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I don't get this :shrug: there is a / in box 20 and other places but can't find in st key. Am I blind or what? First time using charts and I am confused :shrug:

NinaT 01-16-2007 12:55 PM

I looked at other charts and that symbol is usually used for decreases. Since your pattern definitely does not want you to decrease, I think there may be an error. Could you look at other charts in the same book and see how they use that symbol? Also, you could check on line to see if there are any corrections for your pattern. Good Luck!

momwolf 01-16-2007 01:21 PM

Thanks for help.I did check other patterns in book and there are no symbols like this in other patterns.Better check corrections to see if it is a misprint :doh:

Ingrid 01-16-2007 04:57 PM

The / _ / and \ _ \ are the edges of the cable, so I'd say that for the right leaning ones you'd do a cable twist over the 3 stitches there by holding a stitch in back and then knitting the next two. For the left-leaning, do a cable twist where you hold the two cable stitches in front and work the next stitch from the needle.

momwolf 01-16-2007 05:13 PM

I get /_ / but there are some single ones like in box 20 that don't make sence :shrug: HELP

Ingrid 01-16-2007 05:23 PM

Every single one is paired with another one square away.

Consider stitches 20, 21, and 22 as a set of 3 which allow for the cable to travel to the right. 20 and 21 would be the 2 stitches of the cable, and 23 would be the purl in the background once the cable is done.

See what I mean?

You'd work through stitch 19, hold stitch 20 to the back, knit the next two and then purl the one from the cable needle.

momwolf 01-16-2007 05:40 PM

:notworthy: :happydance: I get it now :muah: If I read the written part of the st key it becomes clear now that you wrote it out for me.The blank box which is K is not in picture key its in the words.Boy this could get confusing :noway:
Thanks again Ingrid :notworthy: :notworthy:

Ingrid 01-16-2007 07:43 PM

:cheering: :cheering:

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