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boyforpele13 02-02-2007 05:25 AM

where is stitches east?
i went to the site and it says stitches east 10/11-10/14, but where is it? If you click it, it takes you to brochure request, but East isn't there yet... does that mean all the stuff is yet to be determined?

Thanks! :)

Dilly 02-02-2007 07:56 AM

Last year it was held in Baltimore, and I think that's where it usually is. :shrug:

Vendie 02-02-2007 08:29 AM

Yeah, they might not have a location nailed down yet. But like Dilly said, last year it was in Baltimore, and I think it's usually in that general area - mid-Atlantic.

Silver 02-02-2007 08:42 AM

It's not gonna be close enough to me.
It's never close enough to me. :pout:

five_six 02-02-2007 09:14 AM

Me neither... :pout: :teehee:

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