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IrishKnitter 02-20-2007 10:07 PM

I just got a ball winder!!
I ordered a ball winder this weekend from using a 50% off coupon...and it came tonight!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so excited! I don't have any new yarn, so I pulled out all the little leftover hand wound balls from previous projects and wound them.

:happydance: :cheering: :happydance:

This is so silly, but I feel like a "real" knitter now...I don't just have needles and yarn, I have TOOLS!!! :teehee:

Ingrid 02-20-2007 10:26 PM

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

madametj 02-20-2007 10:29 PM

which one did u get? they have two and i was wondering which had better quality :thinking:

p.s. do u have the code? do u think it will still work? :teehee:

Cristy 02-20-2007 10:32 PM

I remember when I got my ball winder--I felt the same way! Now I REALLY want a heavy duty wooden one like they have at the I actually wind enough yarn to justify it--No, but I want it anyway...

madametj 02-20-2007 10:33 PM

50% off code for today: FEBH750 :cheering:

IrishKnitter 02-20-2007 10:34 PM

This is the one that I got:

If you go to the main page,, at the top you'll see a link that says "Save 50% today." I just checked, and it's good until tonight.

Good luck!! :)

IrishKnitter 02-20-2007 10:36 PM

Oops, I was posting at the same time that you both were! Sorry for the delayed reaction.

A wooden one would be nice!!! I wonder how much more expensive those are...

Is it bad that as I'm winding my first few balls of yarn, I'm thinking, "Now I just need a swift and my set will be complete." :teehee:

redwitch 02-20-2007 10:46 PM

I've made my own because they are so expensive! It was lots of fun to make and now proudly use.

The ball-winding is heaps of fun hey!!!
I always wind multiple times even when they arrive in balls not hanks because:
-it's fun

-it gives me stackable balls

-winding more than once gives better tension so the wool doesn't get stretched (and then shrink back later when the item has already been knitted) - this may not hold for everyone though so don't freak out those of you who have always wound once!


madametj 02-20-2007 10:51 PM

just ordered one with the discount :happydance:

i just wish the shipping was a little cheaper :doh:

MrsDavis3 02-20-2007 10:57 PM

swifts and winder
For the past few days I have been looking at the Umbrella Swifts and Center-pull Ball Winder in the Oct '06 Schoolhouse Press catalog.

Umbrella swift of steel and nylon from Japan --- $37
Umbrella swift of unfinished wood from Sweden --- $60
Center pull ball winder --- $36.95

Are these prices way higher than the chain store online? I would rather buy from S.P.

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