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PHeath 03-11-2007 10:32 AM

Hey all,

I am attempting make a set of felted bowls out of Magallanes wool yarn. Has anyone worked with this type of yarn & possibly know how it will felt up?

Part of my hesitation if that it goes from thick to thin so I have sections that the same, super thin to super thick. Will something like that not felt veyr well?

Thanks for the help!!!

Jan in CA 03-11-2007 01:58 PM

The best way to find out how the yarn will look and react is to make a swatch and then felt it. ;)

hummingbird 03-11-2007 02:03 PM

If the stitch size changes a whole lot and you felt it you'll probably still see that. You might have thinner areas. Felting a swatch is a good idea. If you find that some spots are too thin for what you want you could knit it with another strand of yarn. Test a swatch of that to see if you like it and if the two yarns work well together/felt about the same speed.

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