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Nobones 03-11-2007 06:32 PM

Stuck on Rowan "Movie Star Dressing Gown"
Hello, is anyone familar with this pattern from Rowan? It's in their 'Beads, Button and Lace' book.

I'm stuck at the point of splitting my row into 'front', 'back' and 'middle'. I've managed to get the right amount of stitches on the right needles, now it says 'rejoin yarn and work in pattern'. I'm not sure how to rejoin the yarn and the sequence of the pattern stitches has left me a little confused.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received, thanks.

Ingrid 03-11-2007 06:33 PM

It sounds like you'll be working the two halves separately at this point, so you need to use a second ball of yarn to work the second side. Just start knitting with it and you can weave in the end later.

As for the sequence, they should just continue as if you hadn't separated them, unless there was a decrease involved.

Nobones 04-09-2007 07:52 AM

Thanks for help.
Thank you so much for the help with this. I think it was my brain having a funny five minutes, that's why I didn't get it.
I'm nearly at the end, just the collar and cuffs to do.

When you turn your work, is it supposed to leave little holes? What can I do to make them look less obvious?

Hope everyones having a relaxing Easter

love Nobones


Ingrid 04-09-2007 08:45 AM

Are you turning in the middle of a row? That will leave a hole unless you do a 'Wrap & Turn', which Amy has video on in the Advanced section.

Nobones 04-10-2007 11:48 AM

Still stuck!
I've watched the video. I understand how to wrap, the problem is;

1. I'm doing garter stitch.
2. The pattern says "Next 2 rows; K25, turn, sl 1, K to end
Next 2 rows; K45, turn, sl 1, K to end
Next 2 rows; K25, turn, sl 1, K to end
Next 2 rows ; K to end.

I've still got these holes. Not as big but they are still there.

Any advice? (Apart from not taking on such a big project in the first place :verysad: )

suzeeq 04-10-2007 11:56 AM

Usually short rows in garter don't need to be wrapped. Just don't pull tight when you turn to begin the row back?


Nobones 04-10-2007 12:12 PM

Thank you! I was getting to the end of my tether with this. I'm off to try now, and I will try to relax a little because I do tend to knit quite tightly.

Nobones 04-11-2007 05:28 AM

I've been doing it wrong! When it said 'Next 2 rows' I was doing that twice!
Ie k25, turning, sl 1 k to end twice! Could I be any thicker? My excuse is I was very tired and frustrated yesterday!.
Here's to a fresh day of knitting and getting the bugger sorted!

Thanks to everyone for the tips

Nobones x

Nobones 04-12-2007 05:32 PM

Got it! I think!
By George I think I've got it! So far it's knitting up ok. I am wrapping the stitch, but ignoring it when I knit the next row and so far no holes. Hooray! Was starting to go a little bit mad there. It would be nice if there was a better picture of the collar but at the moment I think I'm on the right track. Fingers and toes and everything crossed! :happydance:

Nobones 04-18-2007 09:22 AM

:waah: My collar has come out all wrong! :waah:

I think a part of my problem is, this pattern was from a knitting magazine not the actual book. There is no picture of the collar, nor what the finished measurement should be. It doesn't even tell you how to sew the thing up when you've finished!

I thought I was doing so well, my holes were gone and it had an obvious curve thing going on but when I cast off it looked wrong didn't fit around the neck and............. :wall:

I'm starting to feel like I shouldn't have started the darn thing. Still I know I couldn't live with myself if I just gave up so, I'll start the collar again and re do it until it's right. :waah:

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