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debinoz 04-21-2007 11:33 PM

"gummy" chenille
I purchased some lovely choc. brown chenille frome e-bay (almost 3 lbs) with the thought of making my mom a lap robe for dialysis. While I was knitting up a swatch to decide what needle size to use, I noticed that it didn't slide through my fingers very well and was somewhat flat. After a few more rows I noticed a lttle brown tinting on my fingers and they felt very sticky.

Anyway... any suggestions on how to clean it? It had no labels, just 3 big cones. I have no idea how to handle it.



Ingrid 04-22-2007 08:54 AM

Sometimes spooled yarn is treated to make it slip through a machine better. I suppose you could wind it into several hanks and wash it that way. I remember reading about a product for washing yarn that takes out everything, but can't remember what it is. Maybe someone will chime in with it.

Ingrid 04-22-2007 09:18 AM

I actually found the thread for cleaning the yarn. :happydance:

Susan P. 04-22-2007 10:48 AM

debinoz. Interesting topic because today I was looking through some sites on quilts and a woman who had used chenille fabric in sections was horrified when the quilt was finished and washed that the dye from the chenille ran and bled into the other colours. They used the wash product mentioned in the following and it completely cleared the run dye.

We don't have this in Australia I don't think but the advice was to note that chenille is supposed to feel sticky BUT to note it can shrink once washed so whether using fabric or yarn one should wash it first. I suspect that if you wash the yarn (nuisance but better than having your garment shrink) most of the excess dye will be washed away. The thread Ingrid referred you to gives instructions. I admit I would have just washed in a wool wash with vinegar and salt but you're better trying tried and true methods.

debinoz 04-22-2007 12:13 PM

Thanks for the replies and links.

I decided to cut a piece and try soaking it in hot water with some mild dishsoap. It soaked for about an hour and when I picked it up, it felt extremely slimey! I swished it around in the water a little, then rinsed. It seems to be much softer anf fluffier now and no tinting on my hands.

Thanks bunches!


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