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Krautie 05-14-2007 05:49 PM

Bath Mat/Kitchen Rug KAL
Hi :D

I want to knit a bathmat and was thinking about a knitalong :??

Choose the yarn and the stitch pattern you prefer and start to knit a rectangle with garter or seed stitch border. No specific pattern required and no specific yarn.

Is anybody interested to join?

Last friday I bought 6 lbs of cotton blend yarn (50/50 cotton and polyamide) at ebay and I think I'm going to knit more than only one bathmat :lol:

6 lbs :doh:
But it really was a bargain :oops:

For my first one I will choose a nice textured knit/purl pattern and I will make a seed stitch border around the bathmat. The size will be about 20" x 30".

I'm impatiently waiting for my yarn....and for your answers :teehee:

ADAllen 05-15-2007 01:55 PM

That sounds like so much fun! Unfortunately, on Monday I'm headed to Europe for three weeks, so I'm actually trying to wrap things up around here. Starting a new project probably isn't the best idea. :oops:

mintdee 05-15-2007 02:37 PM

I am in the process of knitting sock for my mamma's birthday but my next project is a rug for my kitchen. So if you are still knitting by then I will post here my progress :) (It will be like two weeks must finish these socks. :teehee: )

Jan in CA 05-15-2007 05:00 PM

Oooo I would like to do it, but I can't buy the yarn quite yet. :shrug:

Krautie 05-15-2007 06:46 PM


Enjoy your trip to Europe! And be sure: when you are back, I will be still here knitting bathmats :teehee: Remember, I've bought 6 lbs of yarn :rofl:

Yes, I think in two weeks I'm still knitting bathmats :teehee:
Do you have a pattern for your rug yet?

@Jan in CA
There is no hurry and there is no deadline. I think this knitalong will be alive a long time.....with 6 lbs of yarn I can do a lot of bathmats :D

I'm still waiting for my yarn :wall:

I will show you a picture of it.....that's called yarn porn, am I right? :teehee:

This is my first knitalong (as well as my first bathmat :D ) and I'm really excited :lol:

bailsmom 05-16-2007 01:21 PM

There's a pattern for a bathmat in the Mason Dixon book. Just thought I'd let you know!

mintdee 05-16-2007 02:11 PM

Actually I was thinking of using the chevron pattern with a garter stitch border. :thumbsup:

auburnchick 05-16-2007 04:37 PM

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Originally Posted by bailsmom (Post 855515)
There's a pattern for a bathmat in the Mason Dixon book. Just thought I'd let you know!

I completed the Absorba Bathmat from the Mason Dixon book a few weeks ago. It was difficult because of the three strands used together.

I found this pattern for a kitchen mat. I'm going to make it one of these days...

misha rf 05-16-2007 06:42 PM

I'm slooooooowly working on one. I was going to do the M/D log cabin one, but I was having such difficulty with the three strands of double worsted P&C that I switched it to straight garter stitch. It's coming along...maybe I can have it finished by the end of the summer!!:rofl:

So maybe what I'm trying to do is ask if I can play along, even though it's already started! :mrgreen:

Jan in CA 05-17-2007 11:25 AM


Originally Posted by auburnchick (Post 855754)
I found this pattern for a kitchen bathmat. I'm going to make it one of these days...

Well, I don't take a bath in my kitchen :??, but I do like that mat! :lol:

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