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Mirl56 06-02-2007 09:30 AM

YO between Knit & Purl Stitches
How do you do a yarn over when it falls between a knit and a purl stitch? If I just go over the top of the needle it seems like I have too little yarn there when I get to the next row and knit that 'stitch' and have a teeny tiny hole. If I go under between the needles, around over the top and back to the front to do the purl stitch, when I get to the next row and knit that 'stitch' I have waaaay too much yarn and a huge hole.


Jan in CA 06-02-2007 09:37 AM

Here is a link to the KH video that shows very clearly how do a YO. If you still have questions after viewing ask away. ;-)
Yarn Overs

Ingrid 06-02-2007 09:38 AM

I bring it under the needle, over the top and to the front again.:shrug:

Mirl56 06-02-2007 09:54 AM

Thanks ladies! Seems the way to do it is the way I didn't like so much! LOL I will try it this way when I get to that row next time. Maybe if i tug up the yarn a bit the hole won't be so much bigger then my YO that falls betwenn 2 knit stitches.

I am doing the swirly girl socks pattern. It's a 20 row pattern and the YO only falls before a purl stitch once.

Thanks again-

Calamintha 06-02-2007 10:21 AM

The YOs should even out after the socks are washed.

redwitch 06-03-2007 07:19 AM

I don't always see things evening out to my satisfaction. Between a k and a purl, as opposed to a purl and then a k, I reverse the direction of the yo. Whether it's done the long or short way round can depend on the pattern and your preference, but they are usually intended to match (regardless of whether you want them both big, or both small).

MaleKnitter 06-08-2007 11:02 PM

The easiest way to remember a yarn over
The way you wrap the yarn around the needle for a yarn over (YO) is determined by the stitch that will follow it, and my favorite way to do a yarn over is to look at the stitch that will follow the YO (in this case it is a Purl stitch) and then i PRETEND to work the following stitch without actually inserting the needle into the stitch. So, if the stitch that follows the YO is a purl stitch, then simply bring your yarn to the front (as you normally would to work a purl stitch), insert the needle into an imaginary Purl stitch ( you dont have to do anything with the needle, i just find this makes it easier when demonstrating to people) and then wrap the yarn around the needle to work this "imaginary" stitch, then hold the YO on the needle with your finger and work the purl stitch that follows the YO. A YO before a knit stitch is the same way: bring the yarn to the back, insert the needle into an imaginary stitch, wrap the yarn for a knit stitch, and then hold the YO on the needle with your finger while you work the following knit stitch. I hope you can understand, it's so easy to show people, but it's hard to make clear without showing you.

suzeeq 06-08-2007 11:23 PM

Ahhh, yes.... my infamous `air' stitch.... heeeheheheeee


Diartemis 05-24-2014 08:38 PM

Thank you so much! This worked perfectly and my shawl project is now underway--the right way. Pretending to do the next stitch--genius.

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