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leslie979 06-09-2007 01:29 AM

Knitting Books
Hello all. I was just wondering what knitting book do you feel is a must have. I have Knitting Rules, and The Knitting Answer Book, Vogue Knitting Quick Reference, and Knitting School (which I have yet to find a use for). I also have Stitch and Bitch. The Vogue full book around here is about 40 bucks. Im kind of hesitant to buy it. So I was wondering what is the must have knitting book for techniques, that can be helpful to all knitters regardless of skill level.

rebecca 06-09-2007 01:56 AM

One of the things that my husband gave me for our anniversary is a marvelous knitting book, it's very new, just off of the presses, so to speak, The Best of Vogue Knitting 25 years of articles, techniques and advice. There are 25 articles out of Vogue Knitting over the past 25 years and it's fantastic, I really love it!
One of my all time favorite books is one I've had since right after I began knitting, Scarf Style, I also adore the other 2 "style" books (Lonnie surprised me with these, too!), Wrap Style and Lace Style. My goodness, I could go on and on!
Oh, and there is Best of Interweave Knits that is to be released in the fall.
Everyone has such eclectic tastes, I'm sure you will get many answers, I have learned a lot from the Vogue Knitting book that Lonnie gave me last month already. You might want to look at the books at KnitPicks, they have a great selection and you can usually glance few some pages of each book.

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