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KnittingNat 06-09-2007 05:12 PM

Fair Isle help!
Inspired by Ingrid, I've decided to make a baby sack instead of a blanket for someone at work (his baby girl is due in Sept.). And i decided to make a Fair Isle chart to myself and try it out... So here's the question: in the video Amy pulls yarn n.2 behind a few stitches done with yarn n.1 thus leaving strands of yarn at the back. If i hide yarn n. 2 by crossing it with yarn n. 1 before each stitch, so in the back it looks inside the loops - am i doing something wrong? Are there any drawbacks to that?
Thank you...

Ingrid 06-09-2007 05:52 PM

I usually just keep the strands across the back loosely. There really isn't any need to twist them--I think you're making a lot of extra work for yourself. If you keep the yarns in the same place as you go--one on 'top' of the other--then you should never have to untangle your yarns. When I say 'on top,' I mean like this--


I don't know that there'd be any drawback in the end product, but I also don't see any advantage. If you have a long strand in back, then you should catch it to keep it from being too long, but otherwise it's not necessary to do anything special.

MrsJSD 06-09-2007 08:38 PM

Best is to knit continental with one and English with the other. Never the two shall meet.

Jan in CA 06-09-2007 08:49 PM


Originally Posted by MrsJSD (Post 875024)
Best is to knit continental with one and English with the other. Never the two shall meet.

That's the way I do it, too. Not everyone can work that way though. Here's a video where I learned if you want to check it out. You may have to use Internet Explorer though.

Ingrid 06-09-2007 08:52 PM

I knit Fair Isle all with my right hand, one over the pointer and one pinched. I just don't like using my left hand.:shrug:

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