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Marni 07-04-2007 11:15 PM

If YOU were to knit a baby blanket
If you were to knit a baby blanket for someone special which pattern would you use. Do you have one you've tucked away for that special occassion?

My niece is having a baby in January. Don't know the gender yet. I've searched and searched through the free pattern sites and the Whatcha' knitting forum. There are so many good ones (squares, diagonals, lace, stripes, ruffles, hearts, and yes even fish) it's hard to decide. Plus what color is right? I always thought pastel or white, but after looking around I see that just isn't the case.

So give it up ladies... what secret baby blanket pattern do you have stashed away?

knitwit628 07-05-2007 12:02 AM

hmmm... i really really like this counterpane lace baby blanket:

I think it would be a very wonderful gift!!

Krystal 07-05-2007 12:24 AM

that's a lovely blanket. But I am a firm believer in no lace for baby blankets. Their tiny fingers could get caught in the eyelets so easily, and snag the yarn and, overall it seems like too much fuss for an everyday blanket for me.

I was just searching high and low for a baby blanket pattern and still haven't found one I love. I am just knitting a plain ol stockinette baby blanket with stripes of yellow and pink.

I will keep an eye on this thread tho to see what produces.

stagebear 07-05-2007 01:05 AM
this is one of my favorites. i'm knitting one in bernat baby boucle (pastel teal and lav) for my cousin. we just found out that my bf's sister is pregnant, and he choose that pattern for her too.

lulu2 07-05-2007 05:00 AM

Have a look on my blog (scroll down) - there is a baby blanket that I made recently. If you like it, let me know and I will send you the pattern - it is my own made up pattern. I knit it all the time because it is mindless, but has a bit of a pattern to keep you awake and also, you can vary the thickness of the stripes and colour pattern.:thumbsup:
lotsa love

blog address :

mare-nitt 07-05-2007 06:56 AM

I read your reply and I took a look at your blog, very fun to read. I love your baby jersey's, wonderful soft colors and the baby blanket is daring.


Debbie 07-05-2007 07:03 AM

lulu .... I love the cabled bag, what pattern did you use ??

lulu2 07-05-2007 07:14 AM

Thanks for the replies ...

mare-nitt : the blanket was absolutely not daring - easy peasy:muah:

debbie : the bag pattern is found here : It is soooo easy - I made mine a bit longer (just to finish off the yarn) - my daughter has also made one for herself - keep checking the blog, I will post a pic of hers (bright pink!!):shock:

lotsa love

knit4u 07-05-2007 07:19 AM

Hi Marni, Nice to meet you,

I'm currently knitting a baby blanket in Plymouth's Dreambaby DK & also agree that the pattern should not have eyelets or tiny holes. After looking through various pattern books I have, I decided on a Brioche stitch, which is so easy & has a texture to it. It gives the appearance of 1x1 rib. I decided to start the blanket with 6 rows of seed stitch & begin & end each row with 5 seed stitches. This will give the blanket a nice border. The brioche pattern is an even number of stiches..first row: repeat the following *Put yarn over. Slip 1. Knit 1.* Second Row: repeat the following * Put yarn over. Slip 1. Knit 2 together.* Repeat the second row as many times as required.
I cast on a total of 118 stitches & using a Size 6 needles (which is recommended for the yarn I'm using). BTW, the color of the yarn is blue with specs of darker blue Plmouth Color # 301..I plan on making a white one next.
Let me know if you try this pattern. There are so many patterns out there, it can get overwhelming trying to decide.:???:
Good luck with your project:muah:

larudden 07-05-2007 09:56 AM

Do you have a picture of that blanket? I'd love to see it!

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