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haagor 10-21-2007 05:08 AM

Men's Sleeveless Cardigan pattern
I have been searching all the sites I know of, to find a sleeveless cardigan pattern for a man. I know it's not rocket science to work one out for myself, but if anyone has a pattern that would save me having to do the calculations.....
I'd be very happy! Quite happy for it to be in stocking stitch, will add my own Swiss darning .
Thanks so much!
haagor (South Africa...we just won the Rugby Union World Cup last night in France!!!) YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAyyyy!!

Jints 10-21-2007 06:52 AM

mans cardigan & vest (in one pattern)
Basic mans Cardigan vest here or various basic cardigans, could do without the sleeves.
Patterned vest

brittyknits 10-21-2007 08:58 AM

It's just those wonky American terms:). If you look up "men's vests", you'll find more than you ever wanted:).

haagor 10-22-2007 02:37 PM

Thank you so much Jints. Just what I was looking for!
Brittyknits,thanks you too for translatinginto Americanese for me!

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