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LadyBugPeace 11-08-2007 03:05 PM

Loom Knitting?
Hi, I'm new and I have a ton of yarn sitting in my apt. I'm not a knitter, but I wanna be. :-) (I've been known to Crochet in the past.)

Anyways, I saw a loom at the store the other day and I just wanted to know if anyone has any expirence with the looms. And if so, your opinins.


of troy 11-08-2007 04:03 PM

loom knitting is real knitting.. but.. there are things that are easier to do on a loom (double knitting and 'twisted stitches') and there are things it is easier to do on needles (plain stocking knit or plain ribbing)

it's like cooking ONLY WITH AN OVEN -it can be done, but its hard to make scrabled eggs!
--or ONLY COOKING WITH A BURNER(hob) (--it's hard to roast anything (chicken beef, what ever!)

You could cook lots of good food with only one (or the other!)
but you'd likely end up eating more shirred (baked eggs) than omlets if you only had an oven, and fewer roast chickens if you only had a burner!

Loom knitting has advantages, and with time and practice, you can do ALMOST anything on a loom that you can do on needles and visa versa.. but...

there is a scarf (that has generated a LOT of interest (the Pidge)) its made on a loom.. on a loom, its the simples of things to make.. on needles, advanced knitting techniques are required!

go for the loom. and think about learning to knit too, and don't let anyone tell you loom knitting isn't real knitting!

pvsduck 11-08-2007 05:17 PM

The knitting looms are quite popular now. If you do a search on them you will find numerous web sites with patterns (free or for purchase) and instructional videos.
I bought a set of Knifty Knitters about a year and a half ago and made quite a few hats for friends and donations to shelters. Then I discovered I wanted to make things that the looms didn't work well for (or I would have had to purchase fine gauge looms) and I learned to knit with needles.

LadyBugPeace 11-08-2007 05:36 PM

Ty so much for your thoughts!

Now my question is...If I want to make hats or scarves which is the best type/size to purchase?

pvsduck 11-08-2007 05:57 PM

You can do "flat" knitting (like scarves) on the round looms in addition to knitting tubes on them, so that makes the round ones versatile. The Knifty Knitters come in a set of three sizes, one is good for baby hats, one for children, one for adults. I also made some matching scarves (flat) on the looms before I learned to knit with needles. There are straight looms available which are good for flat items (scarves, strips sewn together to make afghans, etc.), but to do a hat on them you would have to seam it up.
FYI - There are some Yahoo groups for loom knitters. You can find links to instructions, free patterns, etc. on those groups.
I hope this info helps.

boo1 11-08-2007 07:01 PM

Wondering if I would like a loom for using my acrylics....
Since I started knitting, I don't like using acrylics (although I don't mind with crocheting....? maybe because I crochet with metal needles...).

Just wondering if this would be a good (and possibly quicker?) way to use up my stash of lower-end yarns.

Thanks in advance!

PamJ 11-09-2007 08:05 AM

Of Troy, where can we find the Pidge pattern for the scarf??? Does everyone use chunky yarn, or two strands of worsted on the looms?

of troy 11-09-2007 12:25 PM

A pattern for knitting the PIDGE on 2 needles?

there are several (i don't know the quality, but some of the 'copies' i have seen posted about have subbed 'seed stitch' (to make it reversible) or other stitches.

on a loom?
its chunky yarn (the original was made with a chunky Karabella Cashmere, (at $50 a ball, and you needed 2!)

the stitch, was basic loom knitting (no changes) the only 'detail' was placing 2 buttonholes at one end.

the best on needle copy would be:
Work ALL stitches THOUGH BACK LOOP (twisted stitches)
USE 2 BALLS OF YARN> (A and B-indentical, but ...)

cast on (i would guess between 30 to 40 with a chunky yarn (on a size 10? 10.5? needle
USE BOTH STRANDS TO CAST ON.. One strand as thumb yarn, one strand as index finger yarn

R1: K1, with A, *Bring both yarns forwards, as if to purl, USING ONLY B, P1, Bring both yarns back (to knit position, and knit 1 (2 stitches work with yarn B) then bring both yarns forward,as if to purl, and USING ONLY YARN A, P1, bring both back as if to knit, and Using only yarn A, K1.
repeat from * across row. Last stitch, (a Purl) is worked with alternate yarn (If the 2 before were worked with A, end with B, if the 2 before were worked with B, end with A

R2: follow directions for R1--but be sure to work all stitches that in previous row were worked with B with alternate (A) yarn, and visa versa (A stitches get worked with B yarn)

MAKE VERTICAL BUTTON HOLES--* this will require working several rows of the first 4 stitches, breaking yarn, then working several rows of the middle stitches, breaking yarn and finally working several rows of the last stitches. (after buttonholes work several row of double knitting (about 4. bind off using both yarn, in a stand bind off style.

this will created a double, interlocking fabric, with every stitch twisted..

see a sample swatch here:

see both sides the same here:

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