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HamaLee 11-19-2007 09:40 AM

Nana's Baudelaire Socks
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Here are a pic of the Baudelaire socks I knit for my Nana's birthday, fun knit! I didn't get any pics of them on feet though so it's hard to see the lace.

The yarn is Regia Stretch, and it was not my favorite to work with. The colorway reminds me of a lake. It's really not a great colorway for this pattern...but it my Nana picked out the yarn and I wanted to test out this pattern and not get bored with neverending rounds of stockinette. They still look nice in person though! :thumbsup:

rissa 11-19-2007 10:00 AM

Ooooh! Looks great to me, you did a wonderful job!

tootie44 11-19-2007 10:08 AM

They are beautiful!

ritaw 11-19-2007 10:23 AM

They look great. I really have to learn to use dpns lol :)

HamaLee 11-19-2007 10:26 AM


Originally Posted by ritaw (Post 1007357)
I really have to learn to use dpns lol :)

No you don't! I knit socks toe-up, two at a time on two circular needles, or one long circ via Magic Loop. I've never even bothered to attempt dps. :thumbsup:

lauraknits 11-19-2007 10:32 AM

Beautiful job! I love that pattern too!

kristinw 11-19-2007 11:21 AM

They look great!

knitgal 11-19-2007 11:31 AM

They look great, and I bet Nana will just love them.

knitqueen 11-19-2007 11:47 AM

They look great. I made that pattern too and enjoyed it very much. I love the heel on it, it fits so well. I'm sure your Nana will love them.

GiddyKnitter 11-19-2007 12:03 PM

I think there lovely. I have used Regia stretch also and although I didn't really like using it the socks wash lovely and keep their shape. Your Nana is going to be so pleased with them.

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