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ArtLady1981 11-19-2007 10:35 PM

2008 Year of the Stash! Retiring on Dec 31!
Hi y'all! :waving:

The New Year is fast approaching! Are you ready?

Our 2007 Year of the Stash thread was very well received! The support helped many of us decrease the size of our Yarn Stash! It kept us "stash-minded", didn't it?!

I did good at reducing the amount of beautiful yarn languishing in my YARN JAIL this past year! For those of you who might be wondering, "Huh? What is yarn jail???"

Yarn Jail looks different in every knitter's home. In mine, yarn jail is bags, baskets, bins, trunks and closets! Regardless of what the jail cells look like, the outcome is the same: the yarn is not being used, it is locked up in the dark...and doesn't think it has any hope of getting out any time soon! Parole denied!

Does anyone want to join me in 2008 for another auspicious Year of the Stash?
If so, join me on the Stash Train! :grphug: Post a reply here, and if you want to, post Your Goal! We are in this together! There are no rules. Just try to use your Stash as best as you can! Haul it out, organize it, add up your yardage, feel it, think about it, and get excited about it again! It doesn't matter if your Stash is small or great. If you want to do something about it, you are in the right place at the right time! ( If you are reading this and it is already June, don't worry...the Stash Train makes regular stops for New Stashies! Hop aboard!)

This is my personal GOAL (I think it is realistic for me):
For every Stash Yarn project that I complete...I can buy new yarn for a Reward Project. But, I promise to use the New Yarn Reward within 30 days. I will not "stash" the New Yarn! Otherwise, it amounts to one step forward, one step backwards. My Stash Yarn Totals won't diminish! I want to DECREASE the size of my Stash during 2008! So, I won't stash new yarn purchases. If I buys it, I knits it!

Then I move on to another Stash Project. The skein/hank totals don't matter to me. If a Stash Yarn project uses up just 3 skeins, my New Yarn Reward could be for a sweater that requires 15 skeins! I won't think in terms of skein for skein, hank for hank. I will concentrate on "batches" of yarn that I purchased for some reason or another long ago! :shrug:

At this point in time, my stash could be described as S.A.B.L.E.
(Stash Acquistion Beyond Life Expectancy) :aww: That is not a brag...that is a true confession from a serial yarnaholic.

AngMac 11-19-2007 11:05 PM

I am in! I seriously need to get through my stash. I think mine can also be described as STABLE. I love picking up new yarn and always have a project in mind but I buy faster than I knit and I belong to way too many sock clubs. But, its so fun to get yarn in the mail. :yay:

My goal is to take inventory of what I have and make a list of a project or 2 to complete per month. I also need to destash and give away some yarns that I know I will never use. They deserve a good home.

tropicallie 11-19-2007 11:24 PM

My stash is rather paltry compared to most as we full-time in our RV so space is really limited. I try to contain my stash to 50 skeins but I have managed to squirrel away close to 100 skeins despite telling myself not to buy more until it's under control. I recently completed two sweaters for DH which took care of about 30 skeins. So my goal is to complete three of the four remaining sweaters before buying more yarn AND to strictly adhere to my 50 skein rule in 2008.

robynbird 11-20-2007 12:54 AM

I'm in! I went on a buying spree the last few months and now I need to de-stash! i want to finish projects and empty drawers before buying more.

jeanius80 11-20-2007 01:12 AM

i am in, but i guess my goal is to complete more than i buy. I always buy with a specific project or idea in mind though, it's just the speed at which i knit is much slower than the speed at which i find projects i want to knit ;)

I am hoping for a set of Options for this christmas, since a big problem i have is a limited set of needles in the middle sizes (I have to have multiple WIPs or i completly lose interest in whatever i am knitting) so i am only currently able to have a couple of socks and one worsted weight at gauge project at a time. lace is out, what with my dd running around needing lots of attention still :teehee: large gauge/felting projects are also limited to just one at a time.

Fingers crossed i will stick to my goal and reduce my stash this coming year. Also, i have found ravelry to be such a help at actually SEEING what i have in my stash (and finding perfect project too)

Thanks Artlady (again) :hug:

ArtLady1981 11-20-2007 04:08 AM

Hi Ang, Tropicallie, Robynbird, and Jeanius!

Welcome aboard the Stash Train! :grphug:

Thanks for sharing your Year of the Stash goals with us! I think your goal is very reasonable, Tropicallie! The 50 skein maximum is a good goal!

Jeanius, that is also a good goal you use up more than you buy up! :teehee: I do the same thing you do: my mind is racing all over the place, thinking about new yarn and this and that while I am in the midst of knitting something else! Sigh. Like tonight, I could hardly wait to get my 3rd bed jacket (pink) onto the blocking board cuz I am itchin' to cast on for my daughter's Central Park Hoodie! I swatched for it today, and then washed and rinsed it and blocked it. Then I had to force myself to go in and finish the dern bed jacket!

Robynbird, I think your goal is very do-able. Just finish up some projects and get some drawers emptied! I know you can do it, too! You will feel so good about movin' that yarn onto better things!

Well, I am off to cast on for my daughter's CPH! YEAH! It is a real easy knit, but aren't some of the simplest patterns just the cutest ones!?? My daughter loves the model sweater. I bought her the same yarn, too...that leafy green Tahki Donegal Tweed. It is hard to find green tweeds. The Tahki Donegal Tweed is real scratchy (ack) and chemically smelling...but the wash/rinse/and final rinse with hair conditioner added to the water really softened up the swatch and removed all hint of the dye smell.

Well, I am waaay off topic! My bad! Sorry. Don't mean to hijack my own thread!

Knit on, good women!! :knitting: Knit on, good men!! :guyknitting:

msmelody 11-20-2007 04:40 AM

I am in. I have yarn on the way, and need to buy yarn for my DH's scarf and then I need to get rid of most of my stash. All of my yarn have projects in mind, but just need the energy to get them done.

bajanKnit 11-20-2007 07:24 AM

I wish i had a stash that I could join in but I only have enough yarn for a few winter projects. so by now and the new year I will have none again but I will keep watching you guys to see what you do with your stash good luck all you stash busters.:grphug:

beckyrhae 11-20-2007 11:54 AM

I'm in again as well. I like your idea of 30 day limit on new yarn, I tended to just add to my stash every time I splurged on new stuff.

One of the things I love about Ravelry is to have a physical view of my stash. Its far from complete though... its one of my goals to complete this holiday season.

JamOKnit 11-20-2007 12:23 PM

I'm in! I have stuff in my stash that I bought "just because" so part of my goal will be to find projects for all those unintended yarns! I also have a ton of patterns I'd like to try, so another part of my goal will be to try to use what I already have for things I want to knit. Only if I don't have anything appropriate, will I use my Reward yarn purchases to buy the yarn for those projects.
And the last part of my goal is to stop worrying about knitting for everyone else and for gosh sakes, making something for ME for a change! :)
Becky, I'm hoping to have some time over Christmas holiday break to add pics of all my stash to Ravelry....right now I just have the list but I agree, I think having the pics right at your fingertips helps you manage it better and assign the appropriate yarn to appropriate projects.

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