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kristinw 11-21-2007 03:06 PM

Another hat
Hats are definitely my new favorite thing to knit. So quick and fun! I made this for my son, but alas I didn't make it big enough. I added one extra repeat but I should have done 2 or 3 extra. Needless to say it came out cute anyway. I think I'll give it to my friend who had a baby boy recently.

I used Julie's Cabled Baby Hat Pattern. I love it so much. I knit it in Malabrigo on size 8 needles.

Thanks for looking.

Maria2009 11-21-2007 03:08 PM

wow i love that hat and the colors is to dye for!

GiddyKnitter 11-21-2007 03:18 PM

Really nice and a lovely color choice x

marykz 11-21-2007 08:20 PM

ooh I bet it is so soft- lucky baby!! that cabled pattern is so nice

Hygiene Mama 11-23-2007 11:26 PM

I love it!:cheering:

dustinac 11-24-2007 07:59 PM

I love that color!! Great job :thumbsup:

momwolf 11-25-2007 12:20 PM

Jan in CA 11-25-2007 02:10 PM

It looks great!

KnittingNat 11-25-2007 03:00 PM

I knew it was MMMalabrigo, even before i read it! It looks so yummy :heart:

Knitting_Guy 11-25-2007 07:22 PM

It looks mahvelous dahling!

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