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boo1 11-25-2007 07:15 PM

Need some advice here! Working in the round on a hat....
Left the house to run an errand. My point protectors fell off but it looks like I didn't lose a stitch. But I DID lose my stitch marker and it didn't occur to me to put it back on! I'm such a dolt.

Now, the other issue is that I am using Muench Touch Me on Addi Turbos. Not only slippery, but VERY hard to count rows-those little "v"s aren't easy to see on this stuff (and of course I haven't been keeping up...well, I was but that was before I got distracted)

I'm making a toddler/baby hat, CO 72 on sz 7 needles. I think I'm on about R14 but can't swear to it. I have to do 20 rows in stockinette before I start decreasing.

Should I wing it and keep going? It's not for a gift, it's really as much for practice as anything else.

Laura :knitting:

Ingrid 11-25-2007 07:18 PM

Keep going. The beginning of the round is where your tail is, so that can guide you there, but 20 rows before decreasing can be considered more of a suggestion--it's the total length that really matters in this case, not the number of rows.

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