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esiuol 02-09-2008 05:42 PM

2008 Christmas KAL
I know we just got past 2007 Christmas, In order for me to have all my project done I have to start now. Would anyone want to join me in this KAL here is my list:

Husband: Cable afghan, Socks, Sweater
Kids(2boys): Afghan, Socks
Cousins : Dishcloths
Friends: Dishcloths
That is it for right now because I have the back of the sweater done and the cable afghan on the needles, dishcloth on needle, I have patterns for the sock just have to get the yarn.
Hope you join in with me!!!

greenwitchknitter 02-10-2008 08:44 PM

I'm with ya! It takes me the whole year to get all done! I;ll have to decide what else I'll make but here is what I know so far:
DH- felted clogs
DD#1- poncho
DD#2- poncho
Lets get started!.. of course I haveto finish my UFO's first!! hee hee

LilHuskiesFootBallMom 02-11-2008 10:37 AM

i don't even want to THINK about christmas yet.... thus far i just want to make dh a Dr. Who scarf :)

esiuol 02-21-2008 08:28 AM

Greenwitchknitter thanks for joining in with me:cheering: , Do you have a picture of the felted clogs? They sound like something I would be interested in making!

Karina 02-21-2008 09:13 AM

I would like to join this KAL, I have started to knit my daughter a floor length Faux fur coat. The cast on for the back is 211 stitches. Its a pattern in knitting magazine I think nov or dec 2005. Knitting six row takes me nearly an hour.
the weight is a bit of a strain on my hands so am waiting for my Knit Picks Options to arrive. Have so far managed 18 rows. I will be doing lots of other projects in between in the hope that I will not become bored.

greenwitchknitter 02-24-2008 06:54 PM

to see a pic of the clogs go to Ravelry.. i'm greenwitchknitter on there also!... still finishing the ufo's!! hopefully will be done in the next few weeks, ill let you know when I start in on the Christmas projects!!

esiuol 03-01-2008 08:01 PM

Welcome and I am glad you joined in. What a nice gift you will be knitting a coat wow!! I have a pattern for a crochet coat but all I have done to it is looked at it. I might try to knit a coat or maybe a jacket if I can find a cute pattern. Keep us posted on how things are going. Post pictures if you can.
Happy knitting!!!!

Karina 03-03-2008 09:48 AM

Pictures of coat
3 Attachment(s)
here is a couple of pictures of the start of my daughters coat and and a picture of how it hopefully will turn out.

lelvsdgs 03-12-2008 07:00 PM

When my Carpal Tunnel settles down I'd love to join in. I need to start now so I can really get some things done and enjoy the season and the knitting I do for the season. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I'll be able to knit for more than just a row or two... It's so hard to stop that sometimes I just forgo it altogether...

Karina 03-13-2008 07:53 AM

I hope your hands and arms feel better soon, so you can join in this KAL. I imagine as we get closer and closer to Christmas it will get a lot busier. I haven't worked on my coat for the last week. there are just to many distraction on this forum (so many other projects that I also want to do).

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