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boo1 03-12-2008 02:54 PM

Really need prayers!
My DH and I are still trying to get pregnant. We did an IUI Monday but I just have a bad feeling that we're going to miss the egg again. I'm running against a clock and I've had 2 miscarriages, no children.

All prayers are deeply appreciated.

princess 03-12-2008 03:06 PM

awww, you are in my thoughts. I will be totally honest, thats one of my biggest fears. I cant imagine when i want to have kids and having to go through such troubles. It must be so emotionally straining on you, hugs and love are flowing your way!

mwhite 03-12-2008 03:10 PM

Prayers and best wishes for y'all, Boo! I know it must be frustrating and the miscarriages discouraging... have faith, it's good for you, worrying is not.

VictoiseC 03-12-2008 03:15 PM

:heart: Just remember to enjoy each other. We never had kids but thank god we stayed together.

KnitWit1987 03-12-2008 03:21 PM

Awww.. I am so sorry, I will be praying for you :hug:

nonny2t 03-12-2008 03:31 PM

Keep being positive and we are all here for you and are praying for you.

figaro 03-12-2008 03:48 PM

:hug:Sending you all my positive egg thoughts to you!! My fingers are crossed tooCrossed Fingers!

PurlyGyrl 03-12-2008 03:50 PM

Good thoughts going your way! Crossed Fingers

Sunshine's Mom 03-12-2008 03:53 PM

Good luck and prayers to you. Crossed Fingers

bethany 03-12-2008 03:54 PM

Oh honey, you know you have them! Just try to keep yourself positive, laugh a little re-read figaro's response, that made me laugh! "Positive egg thoughts! and try to stay relaxed. (yeah right!?) ;)


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