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Jen81Andi06 03-26-2008 08:31 PM

why big loop?
after i cast on and then knit the first row i get this huge loop at the end.
i am doing long tail cast on..i have tried twice and both times i get the loop at the end..

suzeeq 03-26-2008 08:40 PM

Have you tried pulling on the yarn end?

Jen81Andi06 03-26-2008 08:42 PM

yes i tried that..someone else told me in the chat to keep knitting and it may eventually tighten up itself..

suzeeq 03-26-2008 08:51 PM

I dunno... it looks way too long. When you do the slip knot to begin the CO, was the end you could pull easily to tighten up, the one on the tail, or the one attached to your yarn?

Jen81Andi06 03-26-2008 11:03 PM

the one i tightend the yarn with when i was casting on was the tail end..
i tried it another time and the loop was there again..
im getting frustrated..
im think of just doing the single cast on to get it started..
i really want to do this...

:shrug: :wall:

Jen81Andi06 03-26-2008 11:03 PM

i didnt do a slip knot when i was doing the long tail cast on..

MerigoldinWA 03-27-2008 01:25 AM

So are you just trying to do a long tail cast on holding two colors together? And then you knit one row and this just appears? Have you done the long tail cast on quite a bit before with only one strand and never had this happen? The two strands shouldn't make any difference. I don't know what is happening. I've never seen anything quite like that. :) If we could see you cast on and knit your row I'm sure we could catch the problem, but it is harder this way.

Knitting can really throw you weird curves sometimes. I'm sorry it is giving you so much frustration. :hug: All I can say is that if you are experienced with the long tail cast on and carefully do everything just as you would with one strand, I don't see any reason that would happen. :??

Knit4Pie 03-27-2008 06:52 AM

I'm trying some things out in my head to figure out what could have happened. Just to clarify for myself, is the loop there BEFORE you knit the row? If it's there, then it's something with the cast on, but if it's only there after knitting the row, it's another reason.

If it is there from the cast on, maybe you could let us see a picture of it before you knit the first row? (Of course I realize that while trying to show us, it's possible the loop will never happen again, but isn't that always the way??)

roxy1stmommy 05-17-2008 03:29 PM

I figured it out!
:yay: Ok, I know this thread is a little old but I wanted to post here for anyone that may have a future problem with this.

Basically you end up with a loop at the very end not because of your cast on but in the very beginning of your 1st row something becomes loose. So make sure everything in the beginning is right and you won't have this problem. I know it's hard to figure these things out just by reading about it and I didn't exactly know how to explain it.

I just got through trying to fix my row with the same problem and I think I started a new cast on 5 times.

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