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wholycow 03-26-2008 09:59 PM

Expensive (quality)yarn-v-cheaper yarn?
Hi,...sorta newbie here..I've fallen pretty hard for some fabulous yarns at yarn shops,and have ended up paying quite alot to make a scarf/or hat. I love the yarn shop yarn,it's just gorgeous....:muah: But, I'm not rich either,and not a super knitter yet, and may never be...but I do it for the peace,and calm of it..and to end up with something beautiful,even with all the imperfections I later find in it...Guess I want to know if you all think it's worth the extra expense,or do you still get your thrills:woot: out of yarn from a craft store. Not trying to suggest that I'm a yarn snob or anything like that..I've met some in person,that sort of frounded on some Lion Brand that I wanted to use...and still have. Appreciate your feedback.:wink: (really like you all..and glad I found you~)

twoxover 03-26-2008 10:08 PM

i'm also a very new knitter, and like you....i've learned a deep dark secret about myself....

i'm a yarn ho'. I love the different fibers..and yes, i LOVE the expensive ones. as someone who quilts, and did years of needlework...this is the balance i have struck with myself....

i try to patronize the local shops-if we don't, they won't be there. however, i'm also not adverse to internet shopping and ebay shopping. sometimes there are really great deals out there.....but again, i try to spend however little i have, i include the local shops as well. they offer help and encouragement, and so, it's an obligation on my part to share some of my $$ with them.

Ingrid 03-26-2008 10:10 PM

I've fallen for beautiful yarn, too. When I first got back into knitting, I thought that I'd be fine working with what I could find in the craft stores.

Then I discovered the good stuff and all hope was lost. If I'm going to spend lots of time on something, I'm going to enjoy every stitch of it. Loving the yarn I'm knitting with is a huge part of my personal enjoyment of knitting.

My pocketbook wishes I was less selfish when it comes to yarn, but what the heck--you only live once, right?

brendajos 03-26-2008 10:30 PM

You should always work with what you love and can afford. If craft store yarn works for you then use it. If you want something more expensive then use it. Clearly don't go broke to knit but knit with what makes you happy. And watch for sales. Some stores have REALLY great sales and someone almost always posts about them here. I have gotten some really awesome stuff for half price or less in some of these sales. Makes it even more delightful to knit with it, i think. ;)

mwhite 03-26-2008 10:32 PM

Yep, I right here with you all! I've been knitting with some really nice silk and wool blends lately and get super frustrated when something I've made from acrylic pills on me in the washer. :tap: It costs more but well worth it considering you want your work to be around for a long time. I love cottons and those are always inexpensive. Silk and Wool are :hug: I haven't tried the alpacas or angoras or bamboos yet, but working on it! Mary

suzeeq 03-26-2008 10:33 PM

The thing is, higher priced yarn doesn't necessarily mean a better quality. I've heard from knitters that bought nicer and expensive brands and were disappointed that it didn't wear well or pilled badly. The same can be said for cheap yarns too, but maybe the disappointment isn't as much. I like any yarns and am happy with the middle of the road prices, whether I get them at a craft store or online. Though since I'm a price shopper, I usually get the cheaper ones and enjoy using them too.

fireflyknitter 03-26-2008 10:48 PM

I'm also a beginning knitter, and something I've noticed is that even some yarns from the craft store can be expensive, and some yarns from a local store can be inexpensive. And you can get nice quality yarns of different fibers (wool, alpaca, cotton) for fairly inexpensive from a Jo-Anns or Michaels.

(And I've used a few Lion Brand yarns and have nothing but praise for them!)

scmomof4 03-26-2008 10:52 PM

My knitting motto is "Life is too short to knit with icky yarn." If I don't love the yarn before I knit something up, I most likely won't love the FO and all the time I spent knitting is tied up in something I am not thrilled to wear.

Having said that, I have found "just the right yarn" everywhere from Wal*Mart to exclusive boutiques. I agree with twoxover that it is important to support local yarn stores that support our craft. But there are fine on-line sources of yarn who support our craft too- look at all those who advertise here or have their own forums. :)

Finally, I knit a good bit (and my two knitting daughters raid my stash), so I don't think I could support my habit if I had to pay boutique prices for everything I worked up.

Cynamar 03-27-2008 02:07 AM

Welcome to the yarn addicts club! I think you should get the yarn that you love most. I'm a natural fibers freak myself and am fascinated with all of the kinds of wool--sheep, alpaca, cashmere--and I'm dying to try bamboo. The best prices that I've found have been at knitpicks and if you spend a certain amount shipping is free. You know, I really need to see if they have an affiliate program. I talk about them way too much! I do buy Lion Wool yarn at Wal-Mart because it's so convenient. The only acrylic yarn I have is some that I got for practicing socks and, of course, fancy eyelash-type yarns that I really only use for scarves.

mathwizard 03-27-2008 07:11 AM

I buy yarn for the feel of it. I like my yarn nice and soft as they go next to or near the skin. I use Lion Brand and have gotten real nice alpaca off of ebay. I also use my lys for yarn and any equipment I need. I know some yarn snobs and some are real nice and the really bad ones tick me off. Use whatever makes you and the person who will receive your labor of love and don't worry what others think as you and the receiver of the gift are the only ones that matter.

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