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gammy 04-01-2008 09:44 PM

Help with Debbie Bliss Pattern Please
I am in a quandry figuring out the decreases for this darling Debbie Bliss pattern pattern for "Teddy Bear Cardigan" from Baby Cashmerino book.
Please advise if you can.
Problem is in arm hole shaping decreases - 1) don't seem to work with the number of stitches starting with - and 2) confusing with with the ribbing (2x2 at each edge) and cable pattern. Instructions are for rows 51 - 56+. They follow ribs, a cable patten with a charted teddy bear intarsia (Chart 1) and kind of a diamond shaped one (Chart 2.) These next rows begin the armhole shaping on either side of the back. Just not getting it! For example - rows 52 & 53 say to start with "Cast off 2", p/k 1 then the ribbing - BUT- if I get rid of only 2 stitches it throws the ribbing off - I would need to get rid of 3 to follow the patten.
I am doing the first (smaller) size not the bracketed larger.
Row. We are working on 110 sts to decrease (18 stitches) to 92 sts

51 ( wrong side) As 25th row - 110 sts

52 Cast of 2(0) sts, p next 1(0)st,[k2,p2] 0(3)times,TK, p41 Cr6B,p2, Tk, p31, Tk, p2, Cr6F,p2,Tk, [p2,k2] 1(3) times

53 Cast off 2(0), k next 1(0) st, [p2, k2] 0(3) times, Tp, k2, p6,k2, Tp, k2, work across 27 sts of 1st row of chart 1, k2, Tp, k2, p6 k2,Tp [k2, p6] twice, k2, Tp, k2, work across 13 sts of row 1 chart 2, k2, Tp, k2, [p2,k2] 0(2) times, p0(2)

54 Cast off 0(5), p2 (0) tog, p0(2) k0 (2), p0(2), Tk, p2, work 2nd row Chart 2, p2, Tk, [p2, k6] twice, p2, Tk, p2, k6, p2, Tk, p2, work 2nd row Chart 1, p2, Tk, p2, k6, p2 (0)tog., [k2, p2] 0 (2) times, k0 (2)

55 Cast off 0(5), k0 (2), p0(2), k1 (2), Tp, k2, p6, k2, Tp, k2, work 3rd row of Chart 1, k2, Tp, k2, p6, k2, Tp, [k2, p6] twice, k2, Tp, k2, work 3rd row of Chart 2, k2, Tp, k1(2) p0(2), k0(2), p0(1)

56 Work 2tog, work in patt with correct chart rowsto last 2 sts, work 2tog.

Continue in patt as set for a further 20 rows, at the same time, dec on st at eacj emd pf mext 3(5) rows. 92 (100) sts.

Help!!!!!! Thanks - Oh and why would she have us do a cast off decrease at the start of a row?

suzeeq 04-01-2008 10:09 PM

A cast off or bind off is often used for armhole shaping when you need to decrease more than one stitch. The stitches at the end of the row are what's leftover after you decrease. Just BO the number stated and for the next stitch, work the ribbing however it presents itself - knit a knit st, purl a purl stitch.

jeanius80 04-01-2008 10:11 PM

there is a -->pattern error page<--here

here is the specific errata for your pattern:

Page 28
Add a small dot in the second square against: P on right side, k on wrong side.
Page 30
On the 56th row, the phrase: "working Cr6B and Cr6F on first 2 cables, patt as set," should be removed.
The last paragraph should read:
The last 4 rows set the position of the charts and cables, cont in patt, working cables on every 6th row for a further 7(19) rows. Cast off in patt.
Hope that helps!!:heart:

gammy 04-02-2008 09:26 AM

Thanks - When I get home after work I will have a chance to try the advice. From what I am understanding if you cast off 2 - you are working 3 stitches. So in a 2X2 rib I will be working the last of the 2nd 2 ribbing stitches.

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