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figaro 05-03-2008 07:48 AM

Yard sales!
I was at the store the other day and found a map of a couple of neighborhoods that are having yard sales! Checked with hubby and as soon as he is back from filling up the truck, I am off! Is is sad that I am happy about going off to yard sales by my self?:teehee: Last time we went to something like this, I found a Dora house, Diego's treehouse and all the stuff that goes with both of them including the Dora van and Diego jeep/trailer for $30!! Can I say a small :woohoo:?

Silver 05-03-2008 09:10 AM

Good luck! Hope you find a gem! :)

figaro 05-03-2008 12:31 PM

I am back, I bought about 15 kids books (Dora, Clifford, etc.) for $4 and a large mauve rug (maybe about 6x10) for $10 for the play area in the basement. I bought those and a couple playsets, one is a Little People house and the other is a Little Tikes (I think) castle that the girls have been playing with ever since I took it down there. I think by the time I am able to sell all of our little people stuff, we should get maybe $150!

Raeknitsnwa 05-03-2008 12:40 PM

You found some great deals way to go I love going to Yard sales you can find some of the coolest things there

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