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heatherg23 05-13-2008 11:47 AM

Using cable w/ circular needles?
Hi, :???:

I assume you can use a cable needle with circular needles, is that true?

The reason I ask is that straight needles are impossible to use with cables. I use US 11 size.

I tried 3 times yesterday. I had to P2 then take 3 stitches onto the cable needle. I need 3 arms because I can't hold onto the left, right and cable needle all at the same time. When I try to put the stitches on the cable my right needle falls to the ground :mad: . It did that 3 times in a row. Then, I finally got everything on the cable. Before using the cable I have to knit 3 stitches. When I did that the cable needle falls to the ground. :mad: The stitches are larger than the cable needle size. That's why they fall off constantly. I finally got to the point where I need to knit the cable needle stitches. When I did that the LEFT needle falls to the ground and I loose the 17 stitches on that one :hair: . Is there anyway possible to hold all 3 needles so everything stays on? That's why I thought the circular would be better. The needle can't fall to the ground, everythings attached.

I think smaller needles would work better with a cable needle because if you let go of one of your needles the stitches don't fall off. They pretty much don't move which is what I am going to try next.

THANKS for listening,

YouCantBuyThisMovement 05-13-2008 11:54 AM

One thing you can do is when you take your st's off the needle go ahead and slip the st's you are going to do first to the right needle then slip the ones on the cable needle back to the left needle and put the ones on the right back on and just knit them in one row.

I like to use my circulars when doing cables but then I like them for everything so I would try that.

Good luck and vent any time you need to.

knitgal 05-13-2008 11:58 AM

Don't give up! First, put your knitting down and take a breath. It sounds like your cable needle is too small. You should be able to put the cable stitches on, put them to the front or back (whichever your pattern says) and let go while you knit the other stitches. You shouldn't have to hold onto all 3 needles.
You can use a cable needle with a circular needle, which you may want to try in order to get the hang of it. But I definitely think you need a larger cable needle. Do you have a DPN in a larger size? You can use that!

Mirl56 05-13-2008 12:17 PM

Maybe use one of these stitch holders that looks like a giant safety pin instead of a cable needle - slip the 3 stitchs to that until you need to knit them, then slilp the stitches back onto the left needle when it's time to knit them.

Or watch the video here that shows how to cable without a cable needle. I have a difficult time w/ no calbe needle when knitting with smaller needles, but with your size 11 needles it should be fairly easy.

Good luck - don't give up!!

Simply_Renee 05-13-2008 12:17 PM

This is definitely that the cable needle is too small. Nobody I know can hold the cable needle too, you just drop it to the front or back. With size 11 needles- I would use a pencil as your cable needle, or a circular needle (not necessarily for your project, but AS the cable needle, you can thread it through so the needles hang and the stitches are on the cable itself so you can let it go if the needles are small), or a get the idea. Sometimes when I use a weird object as a cable needle I put those stitches back up on the left needle when it's time to work them. Don't be afraid to MacGuyver your knitting.

It isn't you, I promise! You can do it!

fibrenut 05-13-2008 12:41 PM

Here's a little video I put together to show how to cable WITHOUT a cable needle.
Sometimes though a little explanation is necessary for clarity.
For a CF (cable front) with this technique you go UNDER the first part of your cable stitches (ex.: C6F- skip the first three stitches, go behind them and knit the next three stitches, then knit the skipped stitches and let them all fall off the left needle. No worries they'll be on the right needle all nice n twisted). One more thing with this technique, if you're making traveling vines or cables (half knit half purled) you would have to knit all the stitches for the CF. But don't worry those ones that are in back are hidden anyway.
For a CB (cable back) you would go OVER the first part of your cable stitches. (ex.: same as above, skip the first three stitches, go IN FRONT of them and either knit or purl (whatever the pattern says) the next 3 stitches, then either knit or purl the skipped stitches. Let them all fall from the left needle. They will be on the right needle all nice n twisted.
YouTube Video
ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

Hope that helps ya hun.

Aello 05-13-2008 07:50 PM

Thank you for posting that video Fibrenut. That is the best way I have seen so far.
Don't give up Heather, you will figure it out! Cable needles do come in different sizes. You can use something bigger like a pencil like someone else posted. I think most of us just use whatever is handy lol.

heatherg23 05-14-2008 11:12 AM

Thank you everyone for your replies!! :muah:

Practice makes perfect!


gotta knit 05-14-2008 12:51 PM

Currently, I'm using a dpn and just hold it in my left hand along with the working needle.
Sometimes I use a fatter crochet hook as my cable needle, so I can drop it in front or behind without the sts falling off.

Just keep trying, you'll find a way that works for you.

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