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SBG 05-20-2008 09:12 AM

Blue Moon sock club
Does anyone do this? It looks fun :) It's a lot of money at once it worth it?

aprildavis99 05-20-2008 03:47 PM

What is it? Sounds interesting.

newamy 05-20-2008 05:19 PM

I think the sign ups are only once a year for a short time in February? Club members get some new colors before they are available to the general public. The Yarn Harlot (Stephanie Pearl McPhee) is a member and she mentions it sometimes on her blog. I haven't done the club, I don't knit that many socks.

Crycket 05-20-2008 10:40 PM they have a web addy?

newamy 05-20-2008 10:59 PM

Wildfire 04-15-2009 05:30 PM

Ugh, I've seen many wonderful sock patterns come from this group, but it's way too pricey for me to get my hands on any of the patterns =(

tokmom 04-16-2009 12:46 AM

Gorgeous colors! :heart:

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