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wingem 05-29-2008 01:32 PM

Help with seamless baby kimono
I started this pattern and I am not coming up with the right amount of sts for the 3rd row. What am I doing wrong???

CO 28 stitches using the circular needle. Ok here

Row 1: kfb, pm, kfb, k3, kfb, pm, kfb, k14, kfb, pm, kfb, k3, kfb, pm, kfb. I come up with 36 sts at the end of this row

You have now created the right front, right sleeve, back, left sleeve and left front between the markers.

Row 2: purl across

Row 3 call for 40 sts, if I am reading it right.

Row 3: k1, yo, kfb, slm, kfb, k5, kfb, slm, kfb, k20, kfb, slm, kfb, k5, kfb, slm, kfb, yo, k1

Row 4: purl across

Here is a link. Thank you for any help.

Ingrid 05-29-2008 02:47 PM

The second row should have you *kfb, k 18, kfb*.

After the first row, there are 20 stitches total, but you're using 2 for the increases. I think it's just an error.

wingem 05-29-2008 03:15 PM

Thank you for the help, I will try it when I get home tonight.

Jack 05-30-2008 10:25 PM

Whoops! How right you are. The section in question should actually be k16 not k20. Obviously my mind left me when I typed that one. It has been fixed now on the blog. Thanks for pointing it out and haopefully your kimono is off and running now. :)

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