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knittingymnast 06-19-2008 07:48 PM

Care for Acrylic?
Just another quick question......

Is acrylic horrible to you, so-so, or just bliss?

Thanks! :muah:

Mike 06-19-2008 08:15 PM

Along with your messy house question.

I'm a slob. If there's dirt I'll find a way to get it on me.
I have my dogs sleep on my bed.

I NEED acrylic.

knittingymnast 06-19-2008 08:22 PM


Originally Posted by Mike (Post 1120465)
Along with your messy house question.

You crack me up! :roflhard:

Jan in CA 06-19-2008 08:38 PM

Like all fibers acrylic has it's place.

cam90066 06-19-2008 09:15 PM

Depends on what I'm making and my knitting/crafting budget (which is usually next to nothing.)


cristina61 06-20-2008 02:28 AM

All acrylics are NOT created equal!

I've been knitting for a couple of years now (I first learned how about 30 years ago), and I'm just as crazy about Malabrigo, cashmere, silk, etc., as most knitters. In fact, I have a bit of all of the above in my fairly generous stash.

But I also have a bunch of acrylic yarns, and I wouldn't trade them for anything. I own some 100% acrylic yarns that are incredibly soft and lovely, and that includes stuff that's 30+ years old!

I understand that some folks just don't care for acrylic, and some people are uncomfortable with some of its properties. I'm not trying to convince anyone to knit with something they just don't want to knit with.

But it does bother me when people assume that all acrylic is nasty, rough, ugly, and good for only pet bedding. Like all yarns, those made with man-made materials cover a wide range of quality and textures. It's really inaccurate and unfair to say all natural yarns are good and all acrylics are bad. Yarn is yarn -- some you want to use, and some you don't.

Okay, end of lecture. :whistle:

PeattieWa 06-20-2008 02:35 AM

I definitely use acrylic for all of my charity projects as that is what is preferred by the organizations. I don't have a super yarn budget either as alot of the yarn I purchase is at thrift shops and garage sales.

Debkcs 06-20-2008 04:04 AM

For any project for just about any adult, I wouldn't use acrylic. But right now, albeit very slowly, I'm making a 'baby doll' purse for my DGD. Using Vanna's Choice which is working out quite well, although it's one of the splittiest yarns I've ever worked with. The stitch definition is really good, and the best part is that my DIL will be able to toss this bag into the washer and dryer without worry that it will shrink or anything.

But would I make a sweater out of it? No way.

I only got a few rows done tonight, don't know if this will be ready by her bd on July 4th. Crossed Fingers

gotta knit 06-20-2008 07:50 AM

I've used some decent acrylics.
A real bonus for items that are going to need regular machine washing & drying!

MAmaDawn 06-20-2008 08:04 AM

For baby and kids stuff that's what I use. As a mom that's what I'd prefer cuz it's so easy to wash.

I do agree that it's like all yarn it has it's place. I've used some that I love, Caron Simply Soft, Read Heart Soft yarn, some that I think is ok, Vanna's Choice, and some that I really don't like.

But I've felt wool that I wouldn't knit with if I was paid to.

So it really has it's place... and there are some that I really love!

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