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knitaddict06 06-21-2008 04:38 PM

For All Knitters
I hope this won't get me in trouble, but I guess I'll take my chances.
I posted earlier about a pattern I was having trouble with. Someone responded, I tried what they suggested, and I still don't get it. The pattern just doesn't make sense to me.
So, I'm asking for some real help!
If there are any knitters out there who have the pattern for Pretty Posies from the Leisure Arts book "Our Best Knitted Baby Afghans", who has the time and is willing to help me, please contact me ASAP! If you don't have the pattern, I will type it up for you and email it.
I need this blanket by 07/24 and since I can't make it, I am looking for anyone who is willing to make it for me. If you are willing, please contact me and we can discuss details.

suzeeq 06-21-2008 04:57 PM

You posted in the other thread


The pattern is for the Pretty Posies in the "Our Best Knit Baby Afghans" book. I have managed to follow the pattern from rows 1 - 28. Then Rows 29 - 53: (Work in Seed Stitch acroos to next marker, work in Stockinette Stitch across to next marker)twice, work in Seed Stitch across.
What I can't figure out is what does "twice" mean? :??
You should have 3 markers on the needle. Start the row by working in seed st to the first marker, then stockinette to the next marker, then repeat - seed st to the next marker, then in stockinette again.

MaleKnitter 06-22-2008 02:25 AM

this is not a difficult problem at all

Seed stitch=(right side)K1,P1
(wrong side) knit purl stitches, purl knit stitches

Stockinette stitch=(right side) knit
(wrong side) purl

twice= two times

here's the long way to write those instructions:

work in seed stitch across to next marker, work in stockinette stitch across to next marker, work in seed stitch across to next marker, work in stockinette stitch across to next marker, work in seed stitch across

"twice" means you do what is written in parentheses two times.

it sounds like there are 4 markers on the needle (not 3)

There, if there are any more problems just post the confusing pattern instructions in a thread, there is a whole website full of people who want to help.

If I had to visualize this blanket, I would assume that it has a border (probably of seed stitch) and then it has large blocks of stockinette stitch seperated by seed stitch. It's just a rectangle with squares of different pattern stitches, right?

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