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akgram1 02-06-2009 10:40 PM

aran afghan pattern
I am looking for a pattern for an aran afghan I started quite some time ago. We sold our place and who knows where the pattern went, may have been sold although I usually put the patterns in with my uncompleted projects- this time I didn't !! It is an aran afghan made in panels as follows: cable & lace panel (3), intwined cables panel (2), cables making a diamond pattern panel (4) These are to be sewn together and edged by seed stitch border. I have the panels all knit, and some of the border done but I think there was a special joining to put the panels together and think the top seed stitch border is to be knit from the top panel stitches I have closed up in stitch holders and then the bottom border is knit and attached. I've searched all the aran patterns on the net I have been able to locate and none of them are the one I started. Don't know if it was in a Workbasket magazine from a long time ago or not but seems right. Hopefully someone has the pattern or can steer me in the right direction to find it.


tilllie 02-08-2009 09:19 PM

If you are on Ravelry there is a group called pattern detectives that looks for lost or discontinued patterns. They seem to help a lot of people. Good luck!

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