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astonh 03-06-2009 03:07 PM

Picking a Size?
I've not yet knit anything like a sweater but want to embark on this journey (maybe I'll finish it in a few million years). Out of the patterns I've seen that have struck my fancy, I can usually find one that is pretty close to my measurements, UNFORTUNATELY, the one I want to knit now I'm confused about. Therefore, I see you guys-n-gals wisdom.

I'm wanting to knit the following pattern:

My bust is 42 3/4" and my hips are 47 1/2". The finished bust measurement on this pattern for an XL is 40" and for a XXL is 45 3/4".

Which size does one knit when the fall between the two? Please help? I'll be knitting this up in a recycled cotton/linen yarn, if that means anything.

Thank you all. Sorry I've been absent. Life has been...well, busy and I've not been able to unwind with knitting for a while. I'm hoping to turn that around with this project.

suzeeq 03-06-2009 06:35 PM

This looks like it should be pretty close fitting at the bust, so I'd say go for the XL at 40". If your gauge comes out a smidge larger, then it may fit exactly. Or you can purposely knit with one size larger a needle to get it to 41-42". But 3" of ease in the bust would be a lot and probably look sloppy in this style.

ArtLady1981 03-08-2009 11:58 AM

I agree with Sue. :thumbsup: This garment should not fit sloppy.
A little ease can be accomplished with a slightly larger needle.
Make a couple of test gauge swatches in the berry stitch using different needles.

Then do the math to see how much bigger chest you will have by using needle "A" or "B" or "C".

You shouldn't have to go up in gauge or needle size too much to get a couple of more inches around when knitting the size 40". Remember, both the FRONT and BACK will be a bit wider. A slightly larger 'gauge' will spread out over both pieces. Is the BACK plain st st? If so, then make a st st gauge swatch, too, for testing purposes. It's a shame the pattern didn't have a 43" size. The bust area is supposed to fit snug, as per pattern photo.

This garment is adorable, as are you. You are a perfect match!
It will be worth the effort!

astonh 03-08-2009 09:01 PM

Thanks for the suggestions. I'm hoping to make it as a maternity-type top and thought it was cute. I appreciate very much your suggestions on how to swatch/size this top. I'll keep yens posted on how it goes.

First though, I've gotta finish up some small projects I have in process. I promised hubby I would not make any additional hibernating pieces for a while. I actuallly have to finish some things... that will be a new experience. LOL

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