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kathpeak 03-15-2009 05:55 AM

Oma's Slipper Pattern
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The Easiest Slipper Pattern Ever!

I thought I should say thankyou for the help I got, so here is my favourite, most used and shared pattern.
My Oma (Dutch Grandmother) taught me how to make these slippers. They are so easy that a complete beginner can make them, and are great for using up odd bits of yarn left over from other projects. All you have to do is knit 8 squares. Yes, you heard right, squares!
2 large squares ( Technically speaking X by X where Y the Hypotenuse is about the length of the person's foot plus about an inch) So, for example 6 inches x 6 inches gives a slipper about 8 inches in length, suitable for a foot between 7 and 8 long. ( Experimentation is the best way to get the size correct.
6 small squares These need to be half the size of the large squares. (If the large squares are 6 x 6 the small ones are 3 x 3)

The squares can be knitted or crocheted.
I tend to use chunky yarn, or a double thickness of thinner yarn and thinner than usual size needle to give a dense and firm finished slipper. Your choice of stitch is entirely up to you. My Oma did all Knit rows. My mother favoured Stockinette. With crochet, I tend to do back and forth rows of single stitches for the sole and let my imagination rip for the uppers.

For clearer pictures you can go to

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