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ritapitam 04-12-2009 02:34 PM

K1 keeping sts on needle then K sts again?
I am the gal that is trying to figure out the Loop/Fur stitch and I think maybe the trouble might be with this part of the directions. It says K1 and keep the stitch on the needle, then to make a loop with the yarn around the thumb with yarn returning to the back, then Knit this stitch again and slip off the needle. To knit this stitch again do I insert the needle into the very top stitch on the needle and yarn around and knit it? Or is knitting this stitch again done differently. THis pattern is listed as easy, and I am just learning, but I have made a vest for a teddy bear. SO I thought with this being easy I should be able to figure it out. If anyone can help me I would love it. My husband is in the hospital and I am taking today to do somethings in the house before returning to see him, it would be great to have this project to work on while he sleeps. Thanks again to all of you and I am sorry to ask such simple questions.

suzeeq 04-12-2009 02:40 PM

I think the Loop stitch video on the Advanced Techniques page shows how to do this.

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