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dustinac 04-27-2009 08:27 PM

Storing straight from an alpaca...
or llama?

Ok so a friend of my dad's knows a guy that has a pet Alpaca and Llama and he used to give his fresh cut to a Nun...but she retired and no longer needs it. So the friend said I know a lady who spins she might be able to use the friend showed up at mom's today with bags of it :teehee: and told her that they guy said he would give it to her for free when ever he cut them YAY...but now how can she store it?

She was wondering could she put it in those space saver bags? The ones you use a vacumm to get all the air out of?

Also I never came back and posted that for my b-day I did get a spinning wheel, The Traveling Bee...I'm still just practicing the treadling but my dh is a natural at it, of course :wall:

Thanks for any tips :thumbsup:

mullerslanefarm 04-28-2009 05:01 PM

alpaca and llama felt quickly. If you store it sealed in plastic, it will not be able to breathe. As it warms up, you will have condensation occur (from the fiber itself, not from the outside). When it cools off, warms up, cools off, warms up, cools off, you are creating an optimum condition for felting.

i like storing my fiber in pillow cases.

Be sure to keep separate the 'blanket' or prime from the sub-prime (like the neck area) and use the belly, britchen, leg wool for mulch.0

dustinac 04-28-2009 08:39 PM

:hug:Thank you for your response...she was worried it might felt it, I know last night when she got it she had dad go down and get the window a/c for the room she is keeping it in...:teehee:

sayyadina 06-07-2009 07:55 PM

I have a small alpaca herd, and this is what I do before getting the fiber processed.

First, I skirt the fiber, or sort it by fineness, crimp style & staple length, while removing large contaminants, such as bits of hay, straw, or poop. Once I have that done, it goes into plastic bags until I can get it to the mill to be made into yarn. I leave the tops open, and I put in a dryer sheet to discourage moths.

There are 2 different breeds of alpaca, suri & huacaya. Huacaya fiber is fluffy & similar to wool. Suri fiber is very silky & comes in locks. Due to differences in the fiber structure, suri can be very difficult to spin into yarn on its own. Suri yarn is a lot like silk, very drapey but with little memory.

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