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bebedechocolate 05-06-2009 09:34 PM

which increase to use?
I am going to start a pattern in which the directions say to cast on 12 stitches. Purl the first row and then in the next row, increase in every stitch. It is for a stuffed monster so I need the fabric to not have any visible holes. Which increase should I use? I was overwhelmed with the number of increases shown in the videos.

suzeeq 05-06-2009 10:00 PM

To increase in a stitch as the instructions say, you need to do a kfb. The other increases are between sts and you'd be one short at the end. It shouldn't cause any holes as long as you don't pull tight.

bebedechocolate 05-06-2009 10:31 PM

thanks! that helps alot.

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