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ArtLady1981 06-25-2009 09:52 PM

DEATHS...Michael Jackson; Farrah Fawcett
As you well know by now, Michael Jackson died today. (age 50)
Farrah Fawcett died today, too. (age 62)

The news is reporting heart issues for Michael's death.
I'm wondering...who was with him at the time of his death...or,
if he was home alone, who found him?

Ryan O'Neal was at Farrah's bedside when she passed, so the news reports.

lulubell 06-25-2009 10:50 PM

I heard on the news this morning that Farrah had died, but had no idea about Michael Jackson!

Knitting_Guy 06-25-2009 10:57 PM

I feel bad for Farrah's loved ones. I'm sure she'll be missed.

I can't bring myself to mourn the loss of a child molester though.

Jan in CA 06-25-2009 11:19 PM

My heart goes out to both their families and loved ones.

Crycket 06-25-2009 11:59 PM

Michael dying threw me for a loop...but yeah...he was such a weirdo...a talented weirdo, but a weirdo none the less....

His music was enjoyed by so many generations of ppl, not to mention all around the world....I didn't put much thought into it, but I couldn't believe he was 50...for some reason I thought he was younger....*shrugs*

motherpink 06-26-2009 01:14 AM

I've only just woken up and just come online when I had seen the headlinds on my yahoo news that both stars had died.

In the 70s I loved them both.

R.I.P both of you.

Debkcs 06-26-2009 04:09 AM

I agree, Mason. I do feel bad for all three families, let's not forget Ed McMahon.

GinnyG 06-26-2009 06:44 AM

I have sympathy for the families and their loss of a loved one.

Michael Jackson was a perverted freak and I am not mourning his loss. All the talent in the world does not compensate for terrible things he has done. The reports this morning keep saying "putting his personal life aside he was a great artist". That is simply crap; he legacy is the pain he inflicted on innocent children and that is what he should be remembered for.

cdjack 06-26-2009 01:08 PM

Michael Jackson was eccentric at the very least, but I don't think that he was actually found guilty of molesting any children.

Sknitter56 06-27-2009 08:46 PM

Knitting Guy, I'm with you! Every news story is about this child molester and how talented he was...blah blah blah...he MOLESTED CHILDREN!!! When is this country going to punish and condemn the wrong doers and praise/reward those who try, day by day to do the right thing, live an honest life, work at a honest and legal job, pay their taxes (don't get me started!), and struggle to make ends meet? This country is absolutely going in the wrong direction.

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