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leopardfire916 07-17-2009 02:48 AM

Garter Stitch Edges
Hello :] I'm new here. I actually need help with something that has always bugged me when I've been knitting scarves, just using a simple garter stitch. It bugs me that the edges aren't very even or straight I guess? All of my stitches are even, but the edges just don't look right. I was wondering if there is any remedy to this problem? [maybe like pulling tighter or something? I really have no idea...] Thanks! :]

MerigoldinWA 07-17-2009 03:57 AM

Yes, you can just snug up each edge stitch a bit after you knit it and that should help. Another thing you can try is slipping the first stitch of each row for a "chain" looking edge. I like to slip the first stitch with the yarn in front, slipping purl wise. On that, knit the last stitch of the rows and snug then nicely so things won't be too loose when you slip your stitches.

LizzieK8 07-17-2009 06:46 AM

With garter stitch, I knit to the end of the row, turn, slip the first st as if to purl, put the yarn between the needles to the back and continue knitting across. It creates a very nice chain edge.

Mirl56 07-17-2009 07:29 AM

Wow, Lizzie - that's an impressive edge! I'll have to try that - and soon!

leopardfire916 07-17-2009 09:05 PM

Thank you very much! I'll have to try out the chain edge, and hopefully it will look as good as yours, Lizzie! :]

EDIT: By the way, my edges look great now! Thank you so much! :]

LizzieK8 07-18-2009 07:08 AM

I'm glad it was helpful for you. :aww: I thought I'd figured out this method of edging, but I've been told it's the same one Sally Melville suggests in her book. I think it makes a gorgeous edge and I'm glad you all like it, too! :thumbsup:

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