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newbieknitter 11-06-2009 02:50 AM

Need help finding a pattern for Lacy Green Scarf
Apparently, the pattern was featured in the Summer 2009 issue of Fons & Porter's Love of Knitting. Thought I'd purchase a back issue from their website, but that appears to be the only issue that is not available. Any suggestions on where else I might find it? I've found it as projects on ravelry, but no pattern. Ideas?

Mirl56 11-06-2009 08:14 AM

I'm afraid you'll have to scout around and see if you can find someone willing to trade/sell/gift their magazine.

There's a trade/sell forum here - you can try positng an ISO message there. Try Ebay. If you're a member of ravelry, I'm sure they have several trade/sell forums, too.

newbieknitter 11-10-2009 08:20 PM

Well, I e-mailed the Fons & Porter folks again a couple of days after my initial posting here. So I've e-mailed them twice now and still no response. Anyone else ever tried and been successful in getting a response from them or I wonder if they just don't answer e-mail?

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